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Following the initial news and follow-up, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt confirmed news of a PS4 Kernel Exploit via Twitter! :tup:

While this is fan-freaking-tastic news, keep in mind this does not mean there is a PS4 jailbreak... yet.

Keep an eye on our PS4 JailBreaking forum section though, and when there are further developments we'll be sure to post on them here! :D




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Yep, last I knew it was only for 1.76 or below... but if this is a new kernel exploit then perhaps it will be for more recent PS4 consoles (since most of the general population already updated theirs beyond 1.76).

Time will tell but here's to hoping :D


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Thanks guys, this helps us all learn! Please step us through what you guys found out. What you guys did to find it out as well. We all want to become greater, open our minds a bit. We'll all stayed glued to the forums of course, and maybe a Merry PS4 Christmas for us all! :)

B7U3 C50SS

~ Team_Zer0 ~
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Yeah it'll be awesome! Superglued to the forums and to twitter for me. XD gonna follow a few more people on twitter atm for console related stuff. :D

Chaos Kid

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I will be honest I wod hold off on this as awesome it may seem right now cuz what's to come in the updates will demolish all the hard work and back to square one.

Good work to all involved tho
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