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For those who've been following in recent months, PlayStation 4 developer CTurt has been hacking away at the PS4 until his hard drive failed last month:

Well, according to colleague Michael Coppola things may be taking a turn for the better in the PS4 hacking world finally! :)

What this holds for the future of our dear PlayStation 4 remains to be 'scene' (pun intended)!

Oh, and while I have your attention... we'd like to welcome aboard our new Staff members here at PSXHAX:
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Wow.. nice job on this post! i had no idea!! thanks for linking the twitter posts. i followed of one CturTe Colleagues's the if he really fixed it i'd like to see that. :)

EDIT: you can maybe add windrider42 to the staff list on this thread? or is it staying? cause i know there will be more staff. lol


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Thanks for sharing this here too @SorenAlke and I've made you a Developer on both sites for your contribution of course. :tup:

Soon we will start to promote this site and it will get more active with news, forums, etc it's just a bit slow at the moment due to the holidays (lack of freetime) and I'm sorting options for the other site at the moment also.

I will probably thin out the database there a bit (keeping all the scene news, removing some oldass 2005-2012 IGN/GameSpot/etc articles and then move it to another server so that I can be able to update the backend code / software in CJPC's extended absence.

The main issue with it is the database is so large (several GB for users/threads/posts plus 43GB in file attachments excluding the downloads section which is another 90GB) because it's from 2005 when we last 'started over' making it an absolute hot mess to work with.

Sorry for going off-topic, just letting you everyone know what's going on and to keep the faith as the dream will live on. ;)
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