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Following the PS4 GTA V Hax Demo with @BadChoicesZ, PlayStation 4 developer @kurt2467 recently added some new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (BO3) Mod Tools for PC demonstration videos to his YouTube channel which can also been seen below! :veryhappy:

To quote from the video captions: BO3 Mod Tools - Jump Pads + My Map

Here's an example of the jump pads I have been working on. I made these a lot more like the revelations cause the one released is ass. Also just a little preview of a map that will probably never be finished :openedeyewink:

[Release] BO3 Zombies Launch Pads

The launch pad release for BO3 mod tools. Sorry i forgot to actually tell you guys how to install the files, but i wrote a text tutorial in the download.

Download: BO3 Launch Pads [kurt2467].rar (1.22 MB)
Add scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/zm_launch_pad.gsc to your maps zone file

Add the following to your user_aliases.csv in root/share/raw/sound/aliases/


1. Add "#using scripts\zm\zm_launch_pad;" to your mapname.gsc
2. Add "thread zm_launch_pad::init();" in the init function inside of your mapname.gsc
BO3 Mod Tools - Magic Chest

My custom mystery box that i made just for some extra customization. Only thing left to do is to make it move around when u get a teddy bear.

BO3 Mod Tools - Ascension Lunar Landers

Here are my lunar landers i made today. I tried to make it as close to the real thing as possible. Just need to add the effects and make it kill zombies near by.

BO3 Mod Tools - Lunar Landers FINAL

The landers i made for Promnigys upcoming map :D
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (BO3) PS4 Mod Tools Demos by Kurt2467.jpg


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then dont post what you dont understand or you dont know 100% of
Huh? Aren't you mad me? Please yourself respect.

I read it this about Bo3 Mods Tools for PC can be modded by zombie maps creator. And etc more.


Treyarch say denied for console mods tools on PS4 and Xbox one from Bo3 zombie maps creator.
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