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Recently @stooged lent a hand sharing both details with source code on Backing Up and Restoring the PS4 Database, and he followed up with a handy DbBackup.bin Payload compiled for PS4 4.05 OFW users to backup their PlayStation 4 database to a USB Drive alongside one for dumping save data below. :love:

Download: / Source Code / (8.79 KB - dumps save data into a folder called GameSaves) / (8.27 KB - Dumps All User Accounts) / (8.82 KB - Adds Notification Messages from 2much4u) / (Updated for 4.55) / (0.02 MB) / Cache-Install: ApplicationCache.db

To quote from his recent post with usage instructions:

just put a usb stick/drive into the usb port and run the DbBackup.bin payload

it will save the addcont.db and app.db files inside a folder called DB_Dackup on the usb drive.

if you do not use a usb stick/drive it will backup the database into the /system_data/priv/mms/ folder on the ps4 and it will be called app.db_backup.

to restore the db just ftp into the /system_data/priv/mms/ directory and upload your backup copy.

credit to @XVortex for the neat way to check which usb port has the drive in it in their ps4dumper source, I tried a few other things with no decent result but @XVortex had a simple method to do the trick :)

DbBackup.bin Payload Backup PS4 Database to USB Drive by Stooged.jpg



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im sure saves are lost so its only doing half a job really, its nice you dont need to reinstall but i dont want to have to start games again
You shouldnt lose save games if the app database is corrupted and restored.

The spp.db is responsible for listing the installed games (tiles you see on main screen) much like desktop icons on your pc if you lose the icon it does not mean the game is missing it just means the icon is gone.

So if your database gets corrupted and the ps4 does not restore the tiles or icons for the games it does not delete the games or their data.

If you restore the app.db everything should be as it was before including save games.

But your idea of backing up saves might be worth looking into aswell


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you might be right, on occasions ive had to reinstall fw so it might have been then that i lost my saves but yes please look into saves as well cos they can be lost


Savedata is stored in savedata blocks, and are identified by titleID. Even if the application database crashes into a ball of fire, the savedata blocks are there. The only way to lose savedata is by: formatting the hard drive (installing a recovery update) or by installing a version of your game with different titleID (which is not lost, only not binded)


1. nooby question I have some games that i installed a long time ago in my ps4 but I can't play them does anybody know why I can't play them?

2. am I going to need a USB/flash drive thumb drive that's bigger that's at least 100Gb ..?


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Great tool for when the damned Kernel Panics cause random rebuild database! I have asked how to backup the games database just some days ago, and here a fast solution :D

Huge thanks to the developer @stooged that will save us from reinstalling tons of PKGs for no good reason! :bananaman::bananaman::bananaman:


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The strange thing is that my PS4 hasn't had to rebuilt the database after a kernel panic as of yet! It just checks the hard drive and that's it. So I was surprised when I saw people say their PS4 rebuilt the database after a kernel panic. I wonder why it happens to some but not to others.

What I usually do after a kernel panic is just turn it on normally without unplugging the power cable. And if it's frozen like when you put it to rest mode, I just press and hold the power button until it turns off an then turn it on again. Never had a database rebuild.

I know game saves don't get lost in a database rebuild, but it would be nice to be able to have a backup just in case it gets corrupted or if you have to re-initialize the PS4.


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Most of times it's exactly how you describe...
But sometimes a kernel panic can be particularly "bastard" :D
In dozens and dozens of kernel panics, from the times of the first IDC exploit release, the rebuild database happened to me only 1 time, and it was for a kernel panic occurred during a PKG installation.

So it's not a very common event, but is good to prevent it :)
Now i'm hoping in a way to implement a DB backup every-time an exploit is launched, so that we can have a ready-to-restore backup of the last "good state" of the console...
But maybe i'm asking too much :D
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