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Recently @stooged lent a hand sharing both details with source code on Backing Up and Restoring the PS4 Database, and he followed up with a handy DbBackup.bin Payload compiled for PS4 4.05 OFW users to backup their PlayStation 4 database to a USB Drive alongside one for dumping save data below. :love:

Download: / Source Code / (8.79 KB - dumps save data into a folder called GameSaves) / (8.27 KB - Dumps All User Accounts) / (8.82 KB - Adds Notification Messages from 2much4u) / (Updated for 4.55) / (0.02 MB) / Cache-Install: ApplicationCache.db

To quote from his recent post with usage instructions:

just put a usb stick/drive into the usb port and run the DbBackup.bin payload

it will save the addcont.db and app.db files inside a folder called DB_Dackup on the usb drive.

if you do not use a usb stick/drive it will backup the database into the /system_data/priv/mms/ folder on the ps4 and it will be called app.db_backup.

to restore the db just ftp into the /system_data/priv/mms/ directory and upload your backup copy.

credit to @XVortex for the neat way to check which usb port has the drive in it in their ps4dumper source, I tried a few other things with no decent result but @XVortex had a simple method to do the trick :)

DbBackup.bin Payload Backup PS4 Database to USB Drive by Stooged.jpg



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@Leeful I've got one question if I may. If I follow your method for upgrading HDD, will I be able to still use my old HDD with all data available? Something like HDD swapping.


how do u think: if we can use payload to do a backup of our database, do we have an opportunity to restore it using a payload? I mean without using FTP connection


I have done rebuild the data without save the app.back so i lost my games, how can i fix it ?

do you have a video?

has anyone tried to manually add games to the database? I had a moment of stupid and didnt back up my database and performed a rebuild.... so I lost all my games on the system menu but I do see them under /users/app/ and wanted to add them back without going through the process of reinstalling the packages. Has anyone tried a manual sql edit and added games manually? v5.05, 25 games


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I have updated DB_SG_Backup to backup the ApplicationCache.db to usb.

The ApplicationCache.db is the file that holds all the offline cache data for the webbrowser so you can now back that up just incase you have to delete the webbrowser data.

you can restore the file to /user/system/webkit/webbrowser/appcache/ using ftp.

I have also made a payload to restore the cache file from usb or install a basic set of exploits into the cache for offline use.

payload to (re)install ApplicationCache.db to the ps4.

the payload will look for a file called ApplicationCache.db on the root of a usb drive and install it to the console.

if no file is found on the usb drive or if there is no usb drive found the payload will create and install a basic ApplicationCache.db to the console.

using the basic install you can access the landing page through the ps4 user guide or the webbrowser by going to http://cache/index.html

if you already have another offline cache installed you can back that up using the DB_SG_Backup payload and place the ApplicationCache.db from that backup on the root of a usb drive and use this payload to reinstall it if you have to delete the browser data or lose it for any reason.
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