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Recently @stooged lent a hand sharing both details with source code on Backing Up and Restoring the PS4 Database, and he followed up with a handy DbBackup.bin Payload compiled for PS4 4.05 OFW users to backup their PlayStation 4 database to a USB Drive alongside one for dumping save data below. :love:

Download: / Source Code / (8.79 KB - dumps save data into a folder called GameSaves) / (8.27 KB - Dumps All User Accounts) / (8.82 KB - Adds Notification Messages from 2much4u) / (Updated for 4.55) / (0.02 MB) / Cache-Install: ApplicationCache.db

To quote from his recent post with usage instructions:

just put a usb stick/drive into the usb port and run the DbBackup.bin payload

it will save the addcont.db and app.db files inside a folder called DB_Dackup on the usb drive.

if you do not use a usb stick/drive it will backup the database into the /system_data/priv/mms/ folder on the ps4 and it will be called app.db_backup.

to restore the db just ftp into the /system_data/priv/mms/ directory and upload your backup copy.

credit to @XVortex for the neat way to check which usb port has the drive in it in their ps4dumper source, I tried a few other things with no decent result but @XVortex had a simple method to do the trick :)

DbBackup.bin Payload Backup PS4 Database to USB Drive by Stooged.jpg



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perfect bro.
Thanks for the payload, this is very important to crash BD.



Just started using this trying to restore saved game data that stopped working after installing new pkgs.

After I installed three new games, my saved data no longer worked. I had backed up my DB to a USB drive (saw there was gamesaves and DB Dackup).

I FTP's the old app and addcont files to the indicated folder on the PS4. I realize this must have been a mistake. Now I cannot see the three pkgs I installed, but the space is still taken up on the PS4's hard drive. I'd like to either A) get them back so I can see them on the PS4 menu, or B) Delete those pkgs and reinstall later.

Second, is there a way to restore my old save data that no longer works? Would be nice, but secondary at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like there's more to it. I've tried opening games and now games either won't load at all, or they won't save right.

Things that I did that probably messed it up:
- copied the backed up files by ftp from DB_Dackup (spelled like that on my USB)
- Overwrote the save information on my PS4 with files from the USB G:\GameSaves\user\home\xxxxxxxxx

Hope to get this working again.


Hi Guys, I am on 4.05 and will be buying a 2 TB HDD and install 4.55 with it. Using this tool, will my save files be able to run on my new 4.55? I read the thread and it seems that I will get an error because the 'user' is no longer the same after a reformat.


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@Rookief Yeah if you format the userid will change and it will mess things up with saves, the backups of saves was only really to replace/recover lost data through crashes when loading exploits and payloads.

Maybe look at cloning your current drive onto the new drive and then use a partition editor to add the unused space on the new drive into the main partition of the ps4.

I use for that kind of stuff


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@Rookief have you looked at the backup / restore option in the ps4 settings.

Backup the info to a usb drive and put new hdd in and install same firmware version you had on the ps4 and restore from the usb drive.

With cloning 15 partitions is fine you will have 14 small ones and 1 large one and its the large one that has your games and saves etc.

If you use parted magic you can make a perfect copy of the source drive onto the target drive.
Then you can use a tool in parted magic to extend the largest partition to include the unused space on the larger target drive.

I guess it comes down to how important your saves are.


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@stooged: I very much liked your DbBackup.bin payload for the 4.05. In fact, I made it a habit of sending that payload first and then the HEN w/o needing to reboot the PS4.

What are we supposed to use now with the 4.55 exploit?

Thanx a lot for your hard work


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I use 4.55
I want to run the games from usb
Should i move game from hdd with the playstation include the payload or only use the payload is enough? Thx
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