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Following the recent PS4 Barthen Method for getting newer games running with PS4HEN, some forum members including @SkysTheLimit, @Goldenboy22 and @Picalo would like to open a discussion of theories on how newer PlayStation 4 game dumps can become playable on exploited 4.05 Firmware consoles. :unsure:

We'll use this as an ongoing discussion thread for those who'd like to share their insight and research into getting newer PS4 games with Minimum Firmware Versions above 4.05 OFW dumped and running, which according to Mathieulh is currently the BEST PS4 Firmware to be on as 1.76 is now considered outdated since the 4.05 exploit chain from SpecterDev with popular 4.05 exploit forks and experiments by IDC alongside the PS4 Exploit Host by Al Azif. (y)

Here are links to some current theories from the Barthen Method topic:
Finally, below are some other PS4 MEME and Tweets making rounds on Twitter today:
Cheers to @B7U3 C50SS and @SSShowmik for tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :beer:
Discussion of Theories for Newer PS4 Games on 4.05 Firmware.jpg


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hello @73n1x69
I tried and it worked on a 5.05, has dump the libkernel and dump libscewebkit2 successfully, but now I do not know how to proceed, I really did a kind of jailbreak on 5.05 ????


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@gasso to dump stuff you need to run the node app (look at the readme).
BTW nothing useful for non devs.
This is an entrypoint that, if confirmed, can be backported from 5.0x to 4.55 and combined with the just-released 4.55 kexploit.... to obtain a full jailbreak for every 4.55 console.

Besides, this can be the entrypoint for a future 5.0x kexploit, when it will be released.
We just have to wait for the big ones to verify it and make everything noob-proof for us ! :D


This is not mine, i found in internet and if me not wrong is from alAzif, i not have privileges to post in the correct area forum, maybe any mod post it.

How to lower the firmware requirement in ELF and PRX files

Example of lowering the firmware required for files compiled with the leaked 4.50 *** (tested on 4.05) hex editing some bytes:

1. In the ELF section called "sce_process_param" we patch the reversed *** version (there should only be one instance of the pattern):

search for "01 81 50 04" and replace with "31 80 50 03"

2. In the ELF section called "sceversion" we patch the *** version (multiple instances of the pattern will be found):

search for "04 50 81 01" and replace with "03 50 80 31"

3. Resign it with flatz's or add it to a PKG with cfwprophet's


4. Profit

5. A side effect of this is that if someone is able to dump games on higher firmwares (ex. 5.05) it SHOULD be possible to play those games in lower firmwares (ex 4.05) with this method, unless the games uses functionality added on newer ***s
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