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Hello! Finally here is the PC, PS3 PKG and Xbox 360 new updated demo of my game, after years of hard work documented in part for those following all my progress updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Fursan al-Aqsa Announcement Trailer - All the Power to the People of Palestine

Spoiler: Banner

Watch the video.

Soundtrack by Rodrigo KTarse, the Great Insurgent Rapper of Brazil's Guetos!

:arrow: Updated Demo

Download Links
This Updated Demo of Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque will allow players to have a taste of the Campaign Mode, which has a gameplay very similar to (and inspired by) the Classic Shooter Goldeneye 007, with many mission objectives to complete on each mission, such as destroying security cameras, sabotaging some Israeli equipment, finding documents that reveal more details about the game’s plot, planting bombs, invading Israeli bases, finding and murdering a specific enemy, rescuing Palestinian civilians, hijacking vehicles, taking down planes.

Adding to this, there is a Multiplayer Map, Battle of Negev Desert, so you all can revive the Golden Days of Split Screen Multiplayer Games.

On consoles (PS3 and Xbox360), the multiplayer mode works outside the box, as for PC, you need to have 2 Xbox360 Gamepads for PC. However, it works aswell with ANY PC Gamepad through the Xbox360 Controller Emulator, which is already included with PC Version.

After you install the PC Version, just go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fursan al-Aqsa Press Beta\Support\

All the intructions are there. The full version of this game will be released in January 2021, God's Willing

I hope you all enjoy this updated demo, as there is too much love, dedication and many sleepless nights spent on this project.

Assalamu Alaykum, may the Peace be upon You!

Nidal Nijm.

Note: There is a small bug in the game (which does not interfere with gameplay), it is a bug in the version of Unreal Engine 3 that I am using. Sometimes, when the player leans against some walls and tries to shoot, the projectile of the weapon is not launched.

To solve this, just tap in any direction (W, A, S, D, analog directional on PS3/Xbox360) and shoot again. This is because the starting point of the projectile launch in Unreal Engine 3 is calculated in relation to the position of the player's camera, and sometimes the camera is pressed on some walls when the player is too close, losing the starting point of calculation for launching the projectile.

Spoiler: Legacy Article

Fursan al-Aqsa Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque PS3 PKG by Nidal Nijm Games.png



thank YOU brother

But now I need the help of the community, please! I just released a demo for my game here, and the PS3 Version is driving me nuts:

I have a PS3 SuperSlim 4K Model 12GB using Hybrid Firmware 4.84 and HEN (vanilla) 3.0.1. I don't have anything installed on my PS3, except MultiMan (vanilla) WITHOUT WEBMOD or any other plugins.

All my PS3 settings are defaulted, and even the HEN settings are defaulted.

My game's EBOOT.BIN (exported from Visual Studio Compiling Process) is a DEBUG EBOOT.BIN, and needs to be decrypted and resigned with True Ancestor Resigner to firmware 3.XX STD NPDRM ContentID UP9000-FAQSADEMO_00-0000000000000000.

So after the resign process, I made a pkg of this game using this package.conf
ContentID = UP9000-FAQSADEMO_00-0000000000000000
Klicensee = 0x72F990788F9CFF745725F08E4C128387
DRMType = Free
ContentType = GameExec
PackageType = HDDDriveGame
PackageVersion = 01.00
The game runs perfectly and smoothly on my PS3, as I have showcased many times here. The problem is that I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY IT DOES NOT RUN ON OTHER'S people's PS3!!! It stucks on black screen freeze.

The game does stay some few minutes 2 to 3 in black screen loading the game, but then it loads up the main menu screen and the game runs normally, on my PS3.

Then I resigned the game's EBOOT.BIN to 4.XX STD using True Ancestor Resigner, made the package again, and tried on my PS3. Now it stuck, as I have been reading that homebrew apps to run on HEN must be signed to 3.XX

Here (FAQSADEMO.pkg - 163 MB) is the new PKG (resigned to 4.XX) for testing on CFW PS3, as I dont have a CFW PS3: PLEASE HELP ME GUYS!!!

Here I have done my last try, I resigned the game EBOOT.BIN with scetool using these flags:
scetool -v --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=TRUE --skip-sections=FALSE --key-revision=04 --self-ctrl-flags=4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002 --self-cap-flags=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007B0000000100020000 --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-app-version=0001000000000000 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-type=NPDRM --self-fw-version=0003004000000000 --np-license-type=FREE --np-content-id=UP9000-FAQSADEMO_00-0000000000000000 --np-app-type=EXEC --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN --encrypt EBOOT.ELF EBOOT.BIN
Here is the new pkg: SCETOOLS.pkg (163 MB)

More than this I can't do, I need the help of other dev's, because I don't know too much about PS3 Hacking Stuff.


Senior Member
Probably the eboot.bin you packed in PKG runs only on a console with CFW DEX. Because of what you wrote DEBUG EBOOT.BIN

I haven't played with PS3 mod in a long time, so I shouldn't even try to help. But I will test the game soon, I liked having the readme in Portuguese because I am Brazilian.


@Miera818 and @redha
Thanks for the compliments!

Hello comrade :D

I am also Brazilian hehehe. No the EBOOT.BIN resulted from the Visual Studio Compilation process is a DEBUG EBOOT.BIN only meant to run on DEX.

But after the resigning process with True Ancestor, it run on my PS3 HFW 4.84 HEN 3.0.1.

However, what is making me crazy is that it only runs on my PS3 and not on other people's PS3!!!


Staff Member
When one of the updated test PS3 PKGs is working properly we'll add it to the OP... I'm sure some on Reddit or other sites still into PlayStation 3 will help sort it out as we don't cover much PS3 any longer since most have a PS4 and plan to move to PS5 later this year.


I tried the game on pc and its working perfectly, and hoping to test on my ps3 too.

There is one aspect i would like to report, i found the AI too good, i liked the challenge but maybe lower the difficulty in future updates.


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It's great to see everyone supporting this and not be afraid of zionists. Free palestine.

Just tried to run the game on my slim PS3, running on 4.84 and spoofed on 4.85. It only shows a black screen when trying to launch the game.

Had to shutdown the console with the physical button and everything went back to normal on my console, but I guess I'll play on my PC.
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