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Hello! Finally here is the PC, PS3 PKG and Xbox 360 new updated demo of my game, after years of hard work documented in part for those following all my progress updates on Twitter!

Fursan al-Aqsa Announcement Trailer - All the Power to the People of Palestine

Spoiler: Banner

Watch the video.

Soundtrack by Rodrigo KTarse, the Great Insurgent Rapper of Brazil's Guetos!

:arrow: Updated Demo

Download Links
This Updated Demo of Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque will allow players to have a taste of the Campaign Mode, which has a gameplay very similar to (and inspired by) the Classic Shooter Goldeneye 007, with many mission objectives to complete on each mission, such as destroying security cameras, sabotaging some Israeli equipment, finding documents that reveal more details about the game’s plot, planting bombs, invading Israeli bases, finding and murdering a specific enemy, rescuing Palestinian civilians, hijacking vehicles, taking down planes.

Adding to this, there is a Multiplayer Map, Battle of Negev Desert, so you all can revive the Golden Days of Split Screen Multiplayer Games.

On consoles (PS3 and Xbox360), the multiplayer mode works outside the box, as for PC, you need to have 2 Xbox360 Gamepads for PC. However, it works aswell with ANY PC Gamepad through the Xbox360 Controller Emulator, which is already included with PC Version.

After you install the PC Version, just go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fursan al-Aqsa Press Beta\Support\

All the intructions are there. The full version of this game will be released in January 2021, God's Willing

I hope you all enjoy this updated demo, as there is too much love, dedication and many sleepless nights spent on this project.

Assalamu Alaykum, may the Peace be upon You!

Nidal Nijm.

Note: There is a small bug in the game (which does not interfere with gameplay), it is a bug in the version of Unreal Engine 3 that I am using. Sometimes, when the player leans against some walls and tries to shoot, the projectile of the weapon is not launched.

To solve this, just tap in any direction (W, A, S, D, analog directional on PS3/Xbox360) and shoot again. This is because the starting point of the projectile launch in Unreal Engine 3 is calculated in relation to the position of the player's camera, and sometimes the camera is pressed on some walls when the player is too close, losing the starting point of calculation for launching the projectile.

Spoiler: Legacy Article

Fursan al-Aqsa Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque PS3 PKG by Nidal Nijm Games.png



Hello brothers!

Sorry I haven't been able to thank you all for this amazing support and reception to my game, and I am not tired of thanking again @PSXHAX, because this guy is the first one who helped me, on the time I was not known on the web, and his help allowed me to grow bigger and bigger on the web.

Also this guy always respected my projects, my religion and culture, and always game me voice and a wonderful place to share my work here on psxhax!

May Allah (God) bless you man, and bless aswell and protect all your family, friends, and beloved ones!

Thank you all, AMAZING Playstation Scene community, without your help, my project would be nothing!


I am so happy, but so happy that I think I will even blow up myself out of happiness :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

This is a dream coming true for me, people on twitter loved the game, and are still playing it.

My friends from brazillian press are already playing it and will make a review for me, like this guy (he got Rank A):

He even compared my game to Max Payne's Gameplay Style.

So my dear Brothers, today is a Day of Glory and Victory for me, I did not give up regardless all the restrictions and backlash I received, but I am steadfast on my journey, and I already began to harvest the fruits of success.

For me this is a BIG THING getting my game TOP POPULAR GAMES on INDIEDB, as this is my first real game project, working on it from since 2017.

About the PS3 Version of the demo, I am already working hard to fix it, and I think I already know the problem. RAM Memory Overload on PS3, and this is to be fixed on Unreal Engine 3 Settings for PS3, and I am already working to fix this. I hope Insha Allah (God's willing) to fix it very soon.



Senior Member
@batman I have tried both pkg's you have uploaded, but still same problem. I tried to resign the original eboot.bin using ESSSE RESIGNER v4.5.4, but no option did work out for me on my REX 4.86 :(


Hello guys, please test this new build, as I changed the Unreal Engine 3 Texture Memory Pool Size to 180MB (it was 200MB), and it did run on another friend's PS3 CFW, even tough it crashed whenever changed the game resolution to 1080p, and it stuck on loading mission.

By the way, dont change nothing, just install the pkg, then click on START > PLAY MISSION

Click here (180MB-FINAL.pkg - 163 MB) to download this new build.

Just a stupid question. Is possible that by manufacturing error, or luck, my unit of PS3 SupeSlim 12GB came with more memory than other's PS3? Maybe like they got a PS3 Devkit motherboard and placed on a normal ps3?

I think this should explain why my game runs fine only on my PS3 and not on others.

These errors are traditional signals of Out_of_Memory errors of Unreal Engine 3.

I will make another version of this training map specific to PS3, with less details, lower resolution shadowmaps, remove particles, and so on, to use less memory on PS3, and see how it will run.

Here (PS3MAP.pkg - 151 MB) is the map optimized for PS3. Please test this one. I think now should work.


Senior Member
@batman I have converted the XBOX 360 version to a Game On Demand format since it is more simple and less complicated for folks to play. It is so simple that you only have to plug and play. I've tested it, and it works flawlessly.

Only thing is in options i have to choose 1080p windowed, before it shows correct on the screen. But no crashes in the game, and i have completed it in rank C.


Already found the real problem with PS3 Version of my game. The game itself is using more memory than what PS3 has (256MB).

The reason why the game freezes on map selection screen is because PS3 can't handle the animated flash menu with 3D Character.

I never noticed it because I never tried on a resolution bigger than 480p, but whenever tried on my TV 1080p, the error happenned. The bigger resolution, more memory is needed. And the reason why the game sticks on loading mission is because PS3 cant handle the training map.

The animated 3D character on the game's menu background is a part of my vision for this game. And also the training map layout I made is a part of my vision for this game. So that means, PS3 won't be able to handle all the ideas I have for my game. What's the point making a map the way I planned, then, being restricted to 256MB RAM limitation of PS3.

Now I am sure PS3 wont handle split screen, in example, and this is a part of my vision for my game. Now here I ask the question, which saddens me too much. Is that worth make my game for PS3?

Also after checking the demo's download numbers, the PC Version was the most downloaded, and is indeed the most beautiful, and with best performance. So I think at this point, I should focus on PC, to make this game the best I can, because until now the reception and feedback is being awesome.

Should I keep making my game for old gen consoles or focus only on PC, so this way I can improve the game quality more and more?


Senior Member
@batman Well i would love to see more improvements for the old gen consoles. Since it is not all people who has a pc that can handle the game.

In my case my laptop only small lagging sometimes when playing. But on the other hand, it would be nice to see some good improvements on the pc, as you mention, to put all your focus on one version.


I confess it is hard for me simply give up getting my game to run on PS3 after all these years of love and dedication, hardshipes, milestones reached. I am a muslim, and a muslim is steadfast and never gives up, we march towards victory!

Here (TEST1PS3.pkg - 98.1 MB) is another PS3Test. Please, check:

1- Game menu, scroll through options, game mode, mission select to see if it freezes;

2- Start mission and check if Mission Briefing Menu loads and works fine;

3- Start mission and check how this debug map runs;

I feel Insha Allah (God's willing) I will solve this problem and get my game running on PS3!!!

AWESOME NEWS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just will polish some small details until this weekend I will upload PS3 Demo for everyone test, Insha Allah (God's willing)

Update: Tomorrow I will launch an updated version of the demo, including the working PS3 Demo, and this new freaking awesome feature:
:arrow: Fursan al-Aqsa - Demo Updated

Lets kill some Zionist Soldiers in the best Max Payne Style!
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