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Following his GhidraOrbisTools PS4 Loader and IDA Script Ports developer @KIWIDOGGIE (aka diwidog on Twitter) recently added a GetEventHandlerNames Python Script ( by kd_tech_ to his KiwiDoggie Productions IDA ConsoleHacking Scripts repository on Github for PS4 scene developers using the IDA Interactive Disassembler for code examination and reverse-engineering. :geek:

Download: / / GIT

From on Github:
#!/usr/bin/env python

# OpenOrbis Project providing 100% free and open source development
# This script will enumerate and print out in the console all of the eventhandler_register names
# so you can use them in your own kernel scripts
# **** the pirates
# Created by: kd (@kd_tech_)
# Started on: Jan 25, 2020

def get_eventhandler_register():
    s_Ea = idc.BeginEA()
    for l_FunctionAddress in idautils.Functions(SegStart(s_Ea), SegEnd(s_Ea)):
        l_FunctionName = idc.GetFunctionName(l_FunctionAddress)

        # check if it's our variable
        if l_FunctionName.startswith("eventhandler_register"):
            return l_FunctionAddress

    return idaapi.BADADDR

if __name__ == "__main__":
    s_EventHandlerRegister = get_eventhandler_register()
    if s_EventHandlerRegister == idaapi.BADADDR:
        msg("err: could not find eventhandler_register\n")

    #msg("found eventhandler_register: %x\n" % s_EventHandlerRegister)
    for l_XRef in idautils.XrefsTo(s_EventHandlerRegister):
        l_XRefEA = l_XRef.frm
        l_XRefAddrs = idaapi.get_arg_addrs(l_XRefEA)
        if l_XRefAddrs == None:
        # eventhandler_tag eventhandler_register(struct eventhandler_list *list, const char *name, void *func, void *arg, int priority)
        #msg("len: %d\n" % len(l_XRefAddrs))

        l_Arg = l_XRefAddrs[1]
        l_NameAddress = long(idc.GetOperandValue(l_Arg, 1))
        l_Name = idc.get_strlit_contents(l_NameAddress)
        msg("%s - %s\n" % (l_Name, "0")) #
Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on Twitter earlier today! šŸ»
GetEventHandlerNames Python Script for PS4 Scene Developers.jpg



can we just decrypt and make a whole new kernel to ps4 system then open everything, full powered, updated driver, etc and no check for original games :X3::X3:
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