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Last month we saw the initial release of AzuraMenu followed by a Video Tutorial, and today PlayStation 4 developer @2much4u announced on Twitter it's been updated to GTAV PS4 Azura Menu version 1.1 with a new demo and the changelog from outlined below. :D


  • Initial release
  • Added money options
  • Added bodyguard options
  • Added weapon options
  • Added world options
  • Added time options
  • Added weather options
  • Added traffic options
  • Added pedestrian options
  • Added IPL options
  • Added mobile radio, super run, explosive melee, and noclip to player options
  • Added random components, pogo, pig, chop, and mountain lion to model changer
  • Added super speed, invisibility, and mod shop to vehicle options
  • Added Vacca, Zentorno, Dump Truck, Duke of Death, and Liberator to vehicle spawner
  • Added all weapons to give weapons
  • Added various error messages
  • Tweaked rainbow vehicle to switch colors more smoothly
  • Tweaked vehicle spawner submenu to use localized vehicle names
  • Tweaked vehicle spawner to retain speed of previous vehicle
  • Tweaked vehicle godmode to automatically fix vehicle
  • Tweaked waypoint teleport to teleport underground less often
  • Tweaked menu design
  • Fixed unlimited ammo turning off when changing models
GTAV PS4 Azura 1.1 Menu for 1.76 PlayStation 4 Updated by 2much4u.jpg



Staff Member
It will be amazing how much projects like this really take off when more than PS4 1.76 consoles can make use of them :veryhappy:


Senior Member
Would be kinda nice if someone released the 4.5x exploit so we could port all this crap over and have more stuff to book with..... Man patients is a virtue.


Senior Member
dont think that's gonna happen, sometimes patience = stupidity, like this time seriously. PS4 is already an outdated console. i made a mistake purchasing it. at least the next XBOX will actually be able to run games well. Sony wins. there is not one open minded hacker who gives a damn about anyone but themselves. You can't even find the private methods flying around. so ya. patience in this case is stupidity man.


Senior Member
hmm just thought about if we had a modified package game we could install to later firwares we could use these mods? also for people that owned the game so it would activate is there a way?
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