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Following the previous PS5 BD-JB Reimplementation and John Tornblom's PS5FileDump Updates, he's recently updated his Github Repository with a work-in-progress (WIP) implementation of the Java BSD IPV6 UAF PS5 Vulnerability since the previously disclosed PlayStation 5 Kernel Access and PS4 / PS5 exFAT Vulnerability reports as the PS5Scene awaits further PS5 Kernel Exploit details from theflow0 to be revealed at 5:15 PM on Saturday, October 15th during Hexacon 2022. :geek:

:arrow: Update: Shortly after, @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) updated his PS5 BD-JB Github repository with a work-in-progress PS5 IPV6 UAF WIP Kernel Exploit as well! :love:

Download: / GIT / PS5 IPV6 UAF WIP Kernel Exploit by sleirsgoevy / PS5 BD-JB ELF Loader.iso & Updates

This comes proceeding Znullptr on PS4 / PS5 Jailbreak Exploit Development, some PS5 File Dumping Utility and Pre-Compiled Images, the PS5 BD-JB Exploit: First BD-J Hack Source Code and Mast1c0re: Hacking PS4 / PS5 with Userland Exploit via PS2 Emulator with the related Tweets from scene devs below including @SpecterDev on Twitter who notes:
  • fyi it's not ps-ready, it hits BSD12
  • Just wanna temper some expectations; if/when the IPV6 exploit is released, post-exploitation is not as easy as PS4. Homebrew will take a lot of effort. XOM prevents dumping kernel and HV prevents patching/hooking kernel. It'll mostly only really be useful for devs.
  • That's probably the route that will have to be taken at least at first. I believe it should be possible but will involve a good bit of RE and such, it also will be a little jank and you won't have the customization/flexibility that exists in PS4 homebrew for example.
Spoiler: Related Files & Tweets
Java BSD IPV6 UAF PS5 Vulnerability Implementation (WIP) by John Tornblom.jpg


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