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Following the PS4 7.00 OFW update, developer Lanc of updated his open source PS4 IP grabber / resolver, puller and sniffer LANC Remastered tool for Windows alongside an application usage tutorial on IH - MTXRGU's YouTube Channel. :geek:

Similar to popular network traffic packet sniffer Wireshark, the network monitoring and packet analysis application Lanc Remastered is designed primarily for PS4, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360 gamers to combat / report problem users.

Download: (25.0 MB) / LancV2 ( (24.72 MB) / LANC_Remastered_( (988.26 KB) / Lanc GIT / Lanc Remastered GIT / Sourceforge Repo / PSN Resolver

From the Features


Lanc remastered works on any gaming console but focuses on PlayStation and Xbox.

Wired and Wireless

Operational on a wired (ethernet) and wireless (wifi) connection.

Geo Location

Tracks the geogrpahical location, country and ISP of all connections.


Able to edit source, destination IP and specify specific port numbers.


Install the following freeware in order for Lanc Remastered to work:

Check out our how to guide.

Issues / Lanc Remastered not working?

Any problem related queries should go into our forum section or you can follow our repair section here.

How To Get IPs On PS4 After 7.00 Update
Below are also some PlayStation 4 LAN Game Guides for those interested:
:arrow: And from the latest by lancremastered: PSN-Resolver

PSN Resolver – The Best IP Finder and IP Puller for PS4

PSN Resolver are IP resolvers that convert PSN usernames to IP addresses and vice versa. The technology works the same as DNS, where as your browser is automatically translating an IP to it’s correlating domain name. Now in order for a PSN resolver to work, there need to be a central server or database with the whole PSN network to be accessible, however due to security concerns, Sony won’t give public access to such information and thereby makes it impractical to resolve all gamer-tags/PSN usernames.

By stating the above, you have probably come across websites that claim to resolve PSN usernames, Skype or even Discord. But by the time you spent 5 to 10 minutes testing numerous usernames, you will notice that none of them resolved to any IP address. That’s because the web developer created their own database (not accessing Sony’s data) and require users (such as yourself) to build that database from scratch with gamer-tags, IP addresses etc. and ultimately rendering it a complete waste of time.

Now that we cleared up a few topics about a PSN resolver. Lets dive into how we can get real IP addresses from PlayStation whilst playing or connected to an in-game party chat in real time.

  • IP Puller / IP finder app
  • Computer running Windows with internet access
  • Winrar
  • WinPcap
Step 1

Download & Install Lanc Remastered IP puller with its per-requisites from our website.

Step 2

Follow our helpful tutorial to set up Lanc Remastered.

Step 3

Grab yourself an IP booter here or follow our guide on how to boot people offline.

PSN Resolver Conclusion

If you are stuck getting IP addresses or unable to set up lanc remastered. You can check out our repair guide or post it within our forum sections. Alternatively you can use to find tutorials, fixes and PS4 tricks to unlock your console’s full potential.
LANC Remastered Open Source PS4 IP Grabber, Puller & Sniffer Tool.jpg


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Not open for further replies.
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