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We covered how to bypass PFS protection and we've seen PFS Keys recently, and now developer maxton (Twitter) of the PlayStation 4 PFS extractor GameArchives has released MakePFS which is utility to build a PS4 PFS (PlayStation File System) image! :D

Download: / GIT

To quote from the MakePFS

A utility to create PFS (Playstation File System) images.

makepfs -o pfs_image_name.dat -r /path/to/root/directory [-b BLOCKSIZE]
  • -o filename : Sets the output filename for the image to filename.
  • -r /path/to/root : Sets the directory used as the root of the filesystem.
  • -b BLOCKSIZE : (Optional) Sets the blocksize of the PFS image. Default is 65536.
Cheers to @CougarDomin for sharing the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox this morning with us! :thumbup:
MakePFS Utility to Build PS4 PFS PlayStation File System Images.jpg



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wow so much news the last couple weeks awesome.

what do you guys think: how long is it going to take before we see the first CFW for PS4?
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