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Since covering PS5 Game DRM Issues, PS5 Anti-Cheat Technology and concerns over dead PS5 Digital Edition CMOS Batteries (C-Bomb PS5 Update.pdf) leaving consumers without access to their digital game library, it appears Microsoft's next-gen Xbox Series X console offline gameplay is also adversely affected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. :fire:

Recently ModernVintageGamer (Patreon) shared a video from his YouTube Channel addressing the Xbox Series X DRM problem, with Xbox developer OscarK admitting the following shortcoming in response to quote:

"Having watched the video and read through the discussion here, my main takeaway is that we (Xbox) need to improve our on-console error messaging; the very generic and unclear error messaging clearly adds confusion and can lead to mistrust of the system. There is actually an effort internally to revamp licensing related error messaging, and I will ensure that this feedback is heard internally to continue driving that effort."

Erroneous Xbox error codes demonstrated in the video below:
  • For this game, you need to be online error code (0x803f9008).
  • To continue, reconnect to Xbox error code (0x87dd001e).
  • The person who bought this needs to sign in error code (0x803f9006).
  • Sorry, this game isn't playable here error code (0x8082000c).
  • This game isn't ready yet error code (0x87e00018).
Finally, from's conclusion on this issue to quote: Xbox Series X DRM Makes It Near Impossible to Play Games Offline

"For what it’s worth, we were able to replicate Modern Vintage Gamer’s findings and reached out to Microsoft for comment. We’ll update this story if we hear from the company."

The Xbox Series X has a big DRM problem | MVG
Microsoft's Xbox Series X DRM Adversely Affects Offline Gameplay.jpg



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"We need to improve our on-console error messaging."

Translation: "Ah, sh!t. Cat's out of the bag is it? We'll have to find new vague wording, so it looks like we give even the slightest of f-cks."


This isn't true though, it's due to backwards compatibility and it needs to download a config file initially when you first launch a BC game, you can be offline afterwards. It isn't actually a DRM. Another fake outrage lmao.


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Thats why NES to PS2 consoles were the best years ever. The future sucks for those require to be online to be playing. Disgusting.


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That is surely a decision from denuvo, considering all these titles he showed are denuvo titles on pc. Although i dont like always online bs and i do own a series x i gotta say that we will eventually lead to an era where we are always connected 24/7 anyway and its not that far off. If it wasnt for ISP restrictions, caps, infrastructures on some places and downtimes we would be always on

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