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We've blogged before on video streaming apps like Kodi / XBMC with my (now antiquated) list of add-ons sharing some handy video streaming sites, and recently in the PSXHAX Shoutbox I was introduced to the free video streaming application for Android called Mobdro (FAQ / Installation Guide) which works for popular movies, TV shows, sports and even PPV channels without a subscription needed thanks to both @bonusball and @Wultra. :love:

While it's not as exciting as Flat_z's latest PS4 news, you don't need a jailbroken or rooted device to use it so I gave it a try last night and it worked surprisingly well with the exception of some ads (perhaps there's a modded ad-free version floating around :sneaky:) allowing me to watch back-to-back episodes of programs like King of the Hill and Seinfeld in decent quality from my smartphone. :D

There is a channel search functionality built-in, and besides the ads the only downside I found was you can't start in-progress programs over or choose which episode you want to watch, but it's great to catch up on or rewatch your favorite video content quickly and easily without the hassle of constantly updating Kodi add-ons or hitting dead video streams.

:idea: If you try to search for Mobdro on the official Google Play store you'll end up seeing only useless applications with the same name and some of them are even using the same logo in attempt to confuse people, so the best bet is to download it directly from while it lasts as chances are this useful service will get shut down like most others these days due to corporate infringement claims, etc.

Share your feedback if you give it a try below, and don't forget to drop by our What are people doing for Halloween? ongoing thread to let us know what you've got going this year for Halloween too! :pumpkin:

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this is the freemium version they will be a paid version soon that you can download individual episodes and will be in higher quality its due out soon


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Do NOT USE THIS it's complete crap i used it a few years ago and i so regret it a big waste of time use Terrarium TV just download the cracked version its super easy and extremely fast and simple to use for someone that isn't all for kodi i have been going to this more often than kodi that's how good it is


been using this for a couple years on really well. Having an adblocker or modified HOSTS file also helps

for people that say it dont work, or is crap... they are doing it wrong :p


Is anyone fan of watching TV online like me? If that, which TV app do you use? Heard about Zattoo but not sure it has a large range of program to watch, has anyone experienced it?
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