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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 18, 2017 at 10:58 PM       6      
Following the recent PS4 Raster Effect Twister Demo, today PlayStation 4 developer BigBoss shared a PS4 1.76 MSX2 remake homebrew demonstration video reminding others that, roughly translated, "all the basic pieces are published on Github for months to use them." :geek:

To quote from his recent Tweet below, roughly translated: #30añosdeAbadia "You ordered me to continue" my deepest tribute using ManuelPazosMSX remake MSX2 on PlayStation 4.

Also making rounds on Twitter today:
PS4 More System Information on CEX OFW 5.01 (Greetz fly out 2 JerichoCFW) — Hold L1 + L3 + Triangle for 7 seconds, then press DPad Up + OPTIONS together via Dev Wiki.
Incomplete instructions for the button combo in System Information is being shared. Have more. Non-debug = ▲+L1+L3 for 5s then DPad Up+Start. Debug/Store = DPad Left+■+L1+R1 for 5s then Start.

And here's a Button Combo Menu summary from the Dev Wiki:

Exhibition/Show Mode

[IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] 5 seconds toggles Exhibition Mode on a testkit PS4

More Info
[IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG]

Staff Mode
[IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG]

More System Information

[IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] = 5 Seconds ! [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG]

[IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + + [IMG][/IMG] = 5 Seconds ! [IMG][/IMG]

Web Browser Font SubMenu
In Web Browser settings, press, in sequence: [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] -> [IMG][/IMG] To unlock font submenu

Debug Settings on Non Store Mode
To unlock Debug Settings in a debug console without store mode enabled, hold

[IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] + [IMG][/IMG] in the main settings menu.

In the Information menu for any application, ▲+■+Options will show a logo and copyright information.
Has to be pressed in that order, not simply pressing all buttons together.
Konami Code in System Information shows store information.

Cheers to @xxmcvapourxx for passing along the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer:
MSX2 Remake PlayStation 4 1.76 Homebrew Demo Video by BigBoss.jpg