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Here's a brief guide based on what PlayStation 4 developer @Al Azif shared in the PSXHAX Shoutbox recently for those seeking Sony URL links to download PS4 Packages (PKG Files) for apps, games, etc to include in databases such as those from Octolus and OrbisModding similar to community projects like PSDLE, NoNpDrm Dump and NoPayStation.

He notes that this method will only allow you to get your legitimate PKG's back and not the licenses, however, once further details are available on Flat_z's Method along with PS4 IDX Generator which makes IDX files allowing the PlayStation 4 to see the RIF (Activation File) for apps and games everything should come together similar to what we've seen in the Custom / Repacked PS4 Package (PKG) Files demo video. ;)


1. Sign into (or with your PSN account.

Tip: Make sure you have always accept 3rd party cookies set on your browser, and try and access your "Account Settings" from the PS store before you try the URL in Step 2.

2. Then go HERE noting the number where it says total_results.

3. Replace the size=1 in the URL with a number larger than that number (for example, if you have 943 items in there change size=1 to size=1000) and then save (CTRL+S) the resulting .json file.

4. Inside it you'll find a complete record of every purchase made and download links for your legit PlayStation PKG's so that you can back them up, download, share them, etc.

In other words, whatever is in your library on the account you're signed into will display on that page... so if you buy a game on PSN though the browser the info will show up on that page, including PKG links. (y)

:alert: Note: Don't share your entire .json file only the PKG links it contains, as with an entire .json log Sony can determine which PSN account it belongs to based on the download timestamps.

5. Those who wish to clean up their resulting .json file for better readability can use this Python script from @Al Azif afterwards: Entitlement Stripper, or the latest version posted HERE.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Entitlements Stripper by Al-Azif
MIT License

import json
import sys

def main():
    with open(sys.argv[1], 'r') as buf:
        raw_json = json.loads(
        final_json = []

    for entitlement in raw_json['entitlements']:
        cid = entitlement['id']
        name = entitlement['game_meta']['name']
        pkg = ''
        size = ''

            pkg = entitlement['entitlement_attributes'][0]['reference_package_url']
            size = entitlement['entitlement_attributes'][0]['package_file_size']

            pkg = entitlement['drm_def']['drmContents'][0]['contentUrl']
            size = entitlement['drm_def']['drmContents'][0]['contentSize']

            if not size:
                size = "UNK"
            size = "UNK"

            if pkg:
                temp = {'CID': cid, 'Name': name, 'PKG': pkg, "Size": size}

    final_json = json.dumps(final_json, indent=2)

    with open('output.txt', 'w+') as buf:

if __name__ == '__main__':
Usage: python entitlements.json
Result: will come out as output.txt
Obtaining PlayStation Package (PKG) Files via SEN by Al Azif Guide by seanp2500
Cheers to @Al Azif for the heads-up, and @LarryK for the reminder to make a quick tutorial for this handy technique for backing up PlayStation Package (PKG) files! :beer::beer:

Obtaining PlayStation Package (PKG) Files via SEN by Al Azif Guide.jpg



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In total_result i have 39, in the url i have size=15000. What value should I put? I did not understand the guide well.


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If total_results shows 39, use like size=50 (any number higher than the total_results will show them all for the .json file)


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sadly if like me and you wiped psn from system before doing jailbreak you will have issue using files. I am trying to figure out a way to port my psvita copy but other than reaching out to other more knowledgable simply my copying it to ps4 via ftp no joy.

BUT this WILL get you back the pkg's in a decrypted form on your system and some updates MAY allow you to play but so far no luck for me but I am working on a lot of things.

Personally I am waiting on making a vid because so far I see three methods and still testing. Another thing I kinda want to make this thread private and just a forum link here and not public I am worried they will block this incredibly useful methods for folks in my situation who lost all data or have it on another ps4 etc.

So I am dl all my pkg b4 posting a tut vid. Sorry for that delay. It's snowing in ny so took the day off (woohoo!) so I am going to prob post mad late tonight once I got all the files I care about...gravity rush remastered and flower hd and destiny hd I am looking at you...come home...(you know like the pkg's are dogs or something)

big thanks to Al Azif and PSXHAX and the scene



Is there a way to install a DLC via FTP? last year i bought the SWB season pass but i've only downloaded the season pass and not the other dlcs separately, and now i don't have acess to the dlcs anymore


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dlc folder?

hey uh care to ftp me a psn profile wink wink? lol

so i got this thing called account manager for vita it says it backed up my profile but where does it put it anyone know?
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