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Proceeding the PKGDT Suite of PS4 PKG Backporting Tools, developer OSM-Made (@oldschoolmodzhd aka OLDSCHOOLMODZ on Twitter) recently updated Orbis Suite with PS4 6.72 Jailbroken Console support for PlayStation 4 homebrew development alongside an Orbis Suite preview video from his YouTube Channel below. :geek:

Download: Orbis Suite Beta (Latest Version) / GIT

From the, to quote: Orbis-Suite

A suite of tools used for developing things on a jailbroken PS4. As well as an included DLL for creating 3rd party C# applications using the OrbisLib API.


API for remote target control

  • Memory Read/ Write
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Loading / Unloading SPRX Libraries to Userland Processes
  • Loading ELF's to Userland Processes
  • Jail/Unjail Userland Processes
Comprehensive Debugger
  • Breakpoints / Watchpoints
  • Register Management
  • Memory view and dumper
  • Instruction Disassembly
  • StopCode Decoding
  • Process Management (Stop/Start/Single Step/Step Over/Step Out)
  • Process Thread Management
  • Customizable Debugging environment
Module Management
  • Load/Reload/Unload SPRX Libraries to Userland Process
  • Load ELF to Userland Process
  • Dumping Userland Processes and Libraries
  • List of loaded Libraries in Userland Process
  • File browser
Taskbar Application
  • Add/Manage saved Targets
  • Open Various Orbis Suite Apps
  • Manage Power state of console
  • Load/auto load payload
  • Set Taskbar app to auto load on windows boot
Console Output
  • Read UART/Socket Prints from remote Target
Orbis Neighborhood
  • GUI for managing saved Targets
SPRX Helper
  • Easily implement automatic fsign and ftp sprx for debugging
C# DLL for easy 3rd party application Development using API
  • Full access to API calls and features
  • Remote Procedure calls
Future Features
  • Callback for Remote Procedure Calls
  • module loader for games (auto load modules for games on start up with config to tell what to load)
  • module loader for boot (auto load kernel modules on boot. or maybe like a vsh sprx)
  • Remote video feed of screen and or screen shot feature
Preview of SPRX modules on PS4
Orbis Suite Preview
Orbis Suite for PS4 Homebrew Development by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz).jpg



C# is recommended for any beginner...
1. you are writing application code instead of writing payloads ...
C# has namespaces so you can consume code from other imported classes
which make organizing code easy.
3. you can just embed your compiled code as dll into your project, reference it
and call as needed.
Raylib.InitWindow(800, 480, "Hello World");

it depends .. some prefer writing static code libraries
whereas others prefer to write in C#

what you are doing and your needs
guis you can talk between forms and pass data as needed :)

helps to know diff between process and thread too

jkpatch includes a rpc class so the namespace can be referenced and embedded into existing codebase :p
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