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Following the release of PKG Kitchen by @XVortex, here is a ALL-IN-ONE script/tools I call PKG KitchenAID to dump/rip your own games and backup them into a PKG.

Download: (3.9 MB) / (3.9 MB) / (4.8 MB) / PKG (13.0 MB) via NORATIO

PKG KitchenAID is super easy, you have one batch file to run and just follow the onscreen instructions. You can't go wrong. No need of a FTP client or to download separated tools. All you need is in the package and easy to use (will help some newbies).
  • All the improvements/automated process in based on @XVortex FTP Payload and its own scripts and other freewares included.
  • Anyone is free to use this code and improve it as well (I might update it here and there based on changes, but so far, all the dumps tested are 100% working)
  • An SSD is suggested to facilitate/speed up the process
0) Turn off your PS4 (to ensure nothing is loaded in memory) and turn it on again
1) On your PS4, delete any files/traces of the game you want to rip on your PS4 to ensure a proper rip
2) On your computer, execute file "DUMP.bat" at the root of your installation to begin the process and follow onscreen instructions

Download the package and just extract the files where you want on your computer.
PKG KitchenAID for PS4 Packages by NORATIO.jpg



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I see now. Sorry, I never seen that error. For sure something is not right, but what is strange I am seeing you have 4000+ files that has been extracted.. the last files extracted should be two big ones pfs_image.dat and app.pkg...

Are your trying to extract from a digital game or game disc?

Because this process is only for Blue Ray disc. (3.9 MB)


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I confirm that the .bat works
Great work!!!!

I gonna test the pkg, sure doesnt works because is the Gravity rush2....


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[Warn] Output of the command may contain confidential information.
[Warn] Not all files are extracted.
[Debug] Image extract succeeded.

18 File(s) copied
: If everything seems okay so far, press a key
Press any key to continue . . .
Press any key to continue . . .

two things of note, those warnings above were in each attempt thus far. also its probably just a double pause in the batch file but i noticed that duplicate entry there you could edit out if its not needed in the next version you do if so.


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So, I'd need to insert the blu ray into the drive then go to the IDC exploit? Or how does that part work? I'm confused with the "remove all traces" line from the directions because doesn't the PS4 automatically install the blu ray when it goes into the system?


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So that error i mentioned where it says content id error: this is what i see when i look in this area, so these projects aren't creating a project file that contains this information so its erroring:


hausofpain, the games are installed from the pkg on the disc to the hdd. just make sure the game is in the drive and you booted it from there.

Step 1: goto IDC web page exploit.

Step 2: dump.bat on your pc.

following the directions on your pc you will see it tell you when you launch the game.


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Im sorry but no where did i see we couldnt dump games from the digital download version, i would safely say this is some information that isnt clear.

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