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Following his Playerkp420 DB OFW 4.81, today PlayStation 3 developer playerkp420 released Playerkp420 4.81 CFW (Non-Cobra) PS3 Custom Firmware with the details below.

Download: Playerkp420 4.81 CFW.rar (198.26 MB)

MD5 Hash: 18D77D7B075A5C73BB97839F79079768

To quote from @playerkp420 on the release: [NON COBRA RELEASE] PLAYERKP420 4.81 CFW

Here is my Standard NON Cobra 4.81 CFW, that I made from scratch from OFW 4.81.

I have tested on my CECH-2501A and my CECHA01.

Features & Patches:
  • LV1 & LV2 Peek&Poke
  • Patch core OS Hash check core os for 4.xx // product mode always on to prevent brick from downgraded and not dehashed
  • LV1 to allow mapping of any memory area
  • Skip all ACL Checks
  • Disable System Integrity Check
  • Patch Update Manager to enable QA (if qa flag already set before install, or set flag with 4.xx toggle qa app)
  • Removed ECDSA
  • Install Packages & App/Home
  • In Game Screenshot
  • ReactPSN ONLINE/OFFLINE, run apps unsigned & more!
  • Disabled epilepsy message
  • Removed and patched wait for coldboot view sleep for turbo boot to XMB.
  • Remote Play & Make Remote Play SFO Flag obsolete.
  • Enforced Original Gameboot Animation.
  • Disable Cinavia Protection
  • Alphabetical sort for game column.
  • Waves & PSN Icons changed.
  • XMB CFW Settings in Network Column. (Rebug Settings options do not work obviously)
  • RSOD Bypass.
  • Can play games that require up to 4.81 keys.
  • Can be installed over any CFW, or OFW 3.55 and lower.
  • Can be installed over any OFW ONLY IF NOR/NAND flash has been patched with a hardware flasher.
Multiman v4.80.00 works to play PS3 backups in folder format. Make sure BD-Emulator is enabled. If disabled enable it and reboot PS3.
Playerkp420 4.81 CFW Non-Cobra Release.jpg

Playerkp420 4.81 CFW Non-Cobra Release 2.jpg

Playerkp420 4.81 CFW Non-Cobra Release 3.jpg



i have error "The data is corrupted 8002F165" what can i do? please help me. i have ps3 slim ver 4.81 model CECH-2004B and code 0A, I do not have E3 and Cobra ode.

The ps3 was jailbreak before the updated version.



You cant install cfw unless your at 3.55 or any cfw period!!! This will never change if you want cfw buy a first gen slim 20xx series and an e3 flasher.

No matter how many years has past since the dawn of CFW and 3.56 that patched it there are still people trying the install CFW over 4.xx OFW it's really funny
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