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Last weekend @MrNiato shared a PS4 Testkit 3.50 Firmware Demo followed by the corresponding PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN3-3_508_041.PUP for those with Generation 3 TestKits, and today he returns with a PlayStation 4 TestKit simple PS4 DEX Console Manager demo video! :thumbup:

To quote from Guillaume Leleu (MrNiato), roughly translated:

Simple Console Manager for PlayStation 4 DEX!

With simple functions like:

  • connect the console.
  • get information on the console.
  • the restart.
  • turn it off.
  • the disconnect of neighborhood.
  • the delete of neighborhood.
All this using the Dll ortmapi.dll. No release because it can go far...

[PS4/DEX] Console Manager Tool for TestKit/Devkit ! Recorded on PS4 DEX 3.508.041 FIRMWARE
PS4 DEX Console Manager Software for TestKit DevKit.png


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