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Yesterday we saw a brief guide covering PS3 Games with Older LIC.DAT Titles, and @ShadixAced shared a link HERE of a PlayStation 3 game compilation listing that can be injected with backups using PARAM.SFO license directory modifications with update patches running on OFW 4.75 through 4.81. (-8

To quote from in1975, roughly translated: Games running on OFW 4.75-4.81

1. Afro Samurai (BLUS30264)
2. Beyond: Two Souls (BCES01123 + NPEA90127) - release of Csalr etepm an
3. Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box (BLES00462)
4. Call of Duty World at War (BLES00404) - most likely works and an American
5. Call Of Juarez Bound In Blood (BLUS30347)
6. Fight Night Round 4 (BLUS30285)
7. FlOw (NPUA80001)
8. Gran Turismo HD Concept (NPUA80019)
9. Heavy Rain: Move Edition (BCES00802 + NPEA90076) - release of Csalr etepm an
10. Mirror's Edge (NPEB90114 + BLES00322 or NPEB00052)
11. MotorStorm Pacific Rift (BCES00129)
12. Need for Speed Undercover (BLES00450)
13. Rayman Legends (NPEB90505 + NPEB01356)
14. Sleeping Dogs (NPEB01046 + NPUB90832)
15. Star Wars The Force Unleashed - The Ultimate Sith Edition (BLUS30445 + BLUS30144)
16. Stranglehold (BLES00144 + NPEB90044 or NPHB00017)
17. Syndicate (BLES01371 + NPUB90713)
18. Timeshift (BLES00159 + NPEB90036 or NPEB90049)
19. Trine (NPEB90200 + NPEB00100)
20. Watchmen The End is Nigh Part 2 (NPEB00108)
21. WipEout HD Fury (BCES00664)

If you want to prepare the specified games for the console on the console, then see below: The method, how to make the game work, is pretty simple. The game should have an official patch (and how else will we launch it from the internal disk?).

The patch is being unpacked, the contents of USRDIR, except for EBOOT.BIN and updated files (if any) are taken from the disk version. PARAM.SFO (from the disk) is edited. Change the Category from DG to HG and App Version to the patch version.

In detail about each game:


:arrow: Update: All Games Already Patched and Working Here alongside (7.6 MB) and (7.6 MB) followed by (7.6 MB) from ErikPshat for those interested!

PS3 OFW 4.81 Backup Games Injection LICDIR Mods Listing and Guide.jpg



Your case is like i done before, not successful. as you can see, in this method there are not mention to be converted. Just rename the game, for example PS3_GAME to BCES00129GAME and do several step like mention above.

Keep in mind, yo don't need to make several step if you download from here:
Thanks a lot for the response....


Guys, do I need IDPS here?

Can someone tell me, how much time to restore ps3 game that have size 210Gb?
I did a 3gb restore, and it gives me a 7min approximation....

I just made my first successful injection. Thanks to you guys. That is simple. I tried Samurai Afro. Thanks a lot....


Senior Member
No IDPS isn't needed for this method :D
Hai Trology,
it's still save if we online with all game listed?

Hey the link i shared is to download games DIRECTLY so u don't need to do any of these instructions just hit download and inject into backup simple as that.

And about stranglehold its not available for direct download yet but i can assure you that it's working .. i would upload it so u guys can just download without having to deal with all the crap but i have like 0.80 mb upload speed so ..

But u can PM me if u want i can show you exactly what every folder of my stranglehold contains so u can find the error you made following the instructions

Yeah i guess so but to keep it more clear here is what u need to do:

1. download patch
2. download game
3. keep the patch named as BCES00129
4. copy USDIR from patch and paste it on the game
5. open param.sfo in the game folder and change DG to HG and app version to patch version
6. renamed the game with edited paramsfo to BCES00129GAME

I still found problem while injecting.
Game game patch with suffix "DATA" (ig.BCES00664DATA) skipped on TABR 2.30. it's meant not injected on BACKUP folder i think.

why it's happened? did i miss something? i believe that folder contain important part to the game.


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If the folder name is BCES00664DATA it definitely can't be injected. It has to be either BCES00664 or BCES00664GAME.
yea i think so, but look at game number 21. WipEout HD Fury (BCES00664). i download it directly form Rusian web (, the file contain BCES00664DATA.

how could they inject those file with TABR? i think that should be away, but i don't know how.

Guys, do I need IDPS here?

I did a 3gb restore, and it gives me a 7min approximation....

I just made my first successful injection. Thanks to you guys. That is simple. I tried Samurai Afro. Thanks a lot....
finally i try to backup 108gb file for 3.5 hour. but i don't try to injected yet due to still have prob with BCES1234DATA. Hope i find the answers..

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