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Continuing the PS3 Data Transfer Utility (DTU) Methods following PS3 PKG Game Transfer to OFW Rumors and the release of CFW2OFW Helper v8 comes a PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method script by PlayStation 3 developer @esc0rtd3w to create bubbles on OFW using the DTU method and a CFW console complete with source code and details below. :thumbup:

Download: PS3 OFW Bubble Maker / GIT

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker For DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w.pngTo quote from esc0rtd3w as outlined in the

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker Tool For DTU Method

This is another side project of mine that I figured I would release. Now slow down, this is nothing groundbreaking!!! :teary:

This will allow you to create bubbles on OFW using the DTU method and a CFW console.

It lets you drag & drop packages, edit XMB text, and change icon. Everything is automated and it will transfer all created files to the PS3 when finished. If you continue to make bubbles, the IP address is saved so you don't have to re-enter it every time.

Supports multiple bubble creation (not sure the limit!!!) and will automatically increment the output directory number to create new bubbles.

From my testing, it will allow you to install any ORIGINAL package on OFW from a cute little bubble. (-8 The benefit of this at the moment seems meaningless, but I thought it was a neat setup to get bubbles on OFW. Maybe better things will be in the future!!


PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 2.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 3.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 4.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 5.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 6.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 7.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 8.png

PS3 OFW Bubble Maker for DTU Method by Esc0rtd3w 9.png

Cheers to both RLC for letting us know in the ongoing thread and esc0rtd3w for the follow-up! :beer:



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i'm confused, in the other topic for bubble on ofw, how create the buble without a cfw ps3 ?


True ancestor backup retailer has a option called Final confirmation and you can copy files to workstation (copy vsh/task) and... I think we can inject bubbles using this "method"

@esc0rtd3w do you know how to get the license of a game downloaded with bubble method? If we can do this method we can install the game (i.e Sonic generations) but not get the license or full game

Did you tried this method with games? Or only apps?


Did you tried this method with games? Or only apps?
I am currently trying some community suggestions regarding PS1, PS2, PSP Mini, and some others. I think the package has to be original, other than that, i am not sure. I will know more details in the next few hours and will report back.

EDIT: I have tested it with Sonic 2 package alone, but the licensing was still missing, which i have not looked further into yet. All C00 games license packages should install, although that is basically pointless because you can DTU all C00 licenses from CFW.


Thats what I wanted thank you. but before 4.75 psp remaster worked and now it wont work just black screen (if I'm not wrong). I hope best results we are waiting for your answer


ok, i have tested the following bubbles on OFW 4.81:
  • Crash Bandicoot [PS1] [NPEE00001] - Installs OK. Bubble Not Removed. Game Needs License
  • Angry Birds [MINI] [NPUZ00119]- Installs OK. Bubble Not Removed. Game Needs License
  • Bejeweled 2 [C00] [NPUA30002]- Installs OK. Bubble Is Removed. Game Needs License
  • Bejeweled 2 Unlock File [NPUA30002]- Installs OK. Bubble Is Removed. License Does Not Work
  • Bust-A-Move 4 [PS1] [NPUJ00754]- Installs OK. Bubble Not Removed. Game Needs License
  • Twisted Metal Black [PS2] [NPEC00001]- Installs OK. Bubble Removed. Gives 80029513 Error


honestly just putting the files on CFW over FTP and doing a DTU to OFW is an easier way to get stuff on OFW. That is essentially what the bubbles are doing, just copying files, but in a more restricted manner than if you were to do it manually. The bubbles are cool, but I don't think it will really do anything that manually putting files cannot do. Just a cool thing to do to impress your friends with BUBBLES on their non-modded PS3 :cool:

I hope I am wrong and there is something "extra" we can do, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it o_O


I have confirmed a bit of a mystery :ninja:

When downloading from PSN Store, the file is downloaded to "/dev_hdd0/tmp/np_pkg/$packageName.pkg" and an icon is created named "01.PNG" under the same directory.

So that part is solved, now when pressing "Background Download" the package is moved to "/dev_hdd0/vsh/task/00000002/" and higher directories. The d0.pdb, d1.pdb, f0.pdb, and ICON_FILE files are also created.

The "elusive" zeus link can now be found, well ares in this case.



After acquiring these new files i can now make multiple types of pdb file templates.

I still don't know exactly how i got the "game_pkg" ones to appear, but with some more digging, i can probably find out.

Anyways, I thought I would share these findings with the community :coffee:

EDIT: OK when the download is complete, it is moved to "/dev_hdd0/vsh/game_pkg/80000001/" ......mystery solved! :bananaman13:

Here are the d0 and d1 pdb files after being moved into game_pkg directory:



apparently, the download links and other data are not required for the bubbles to work.
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