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Following the PS3 Data Transfer / Backup Injection / Converting PS3 CFW Games to OFW Methods and recent CFW2OFW Helper application, today @RLC let us know HERE of a thread by Danirodri on Spanish site ElOtroLado containing a RUMOR that there may be a private way to transfer PlayStation 3 PKG (Package) files to 4.81 and below OFW systems by creating bubbles (folders) without using the backup and data transfer utility. :unsure:

To quote from Danirodri roughly translated: "Hello everyone, I have a doubt that with the method of transferring games from CFW to OFW with 4.81 you can play backups on non-flashing consoles, so far, but I have a doubt, I know a person who records games to non-flashable consoles through bubbles and I do not need to format PS3 ls every time I want to add a game, but I do not have the confidence to explain it to me.

I think it's with PEXPloit but I have my doubts since I've read that it does not give good results, someone could explain how I do it because I'm looking everywhere and I find nothing. But the echo is that I have seen it with my own eyes as you download the games in bubble and then install the backup. Someone enlightens me. Thanks in advance.

He uses it in 4.81 and it downloads it in bubbles but I do not understand how."

From Sandungas in response, roughly translated on the rumored PS3 bubble creation and game transfer to OFW method: "Each bubble represents a folder in the path dev_hdd0 / vsh / task /

Inside the folder is the .pkg file, some "content information files" (such as PARAM.SFO and ICON0.PNG), and some .pdb files (some are called "project database", but actually I think it means "preinstall database")
All that can be created manually, the .pdb files are those that do "magic" and are responsible for the bubble.

But the problem of doing this the way you're explaining is that this is created when you download a game from the PSN store, it has nothing to do with the exploit of transferring games with the hdd.

Also, to transfer games to the hdd ... the previous hdd data is deleted, so it seems impossible for me to "add" additional games. Every time you want to add a bubble you will have to format the HDD."

Also from detilmalala comes the following details, roughly translated to quote: "Forget about that method, danirodri, is not public, only those who know the truth we know and we keep it so that it can not patch it, years ago we use it, and when Sony and eliminate the method of data transfer of a PS3 CFW to OFW, we're going to continue using it, and those ghost shops that sell PS3 with games installed are going to stay with empty hands, or rather, with PS3 empty, greetings."

So it sounds like this rumored PS3 PKG Bubble Method to transfer Package files to OFW consoles (if it exists) remains private for the time being, while the bubble approach is a bit reminiscent of VPK Bubble Creator and ePSP Bubble Installer v3.1 on PS Vita.

If anyone out there knows more about this rumor, feel free to Inbox Us or share additional details in the comments below and thanks in advance! <3
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Its me who said it before i told them to test getting IDPS from dump of ps3 and extract it then using it in the backup injection but i haven't seen any reaction at all


i released this before stumbling upon this here to learn a bit more info about the PDB format. I did not really understand the details and structure very well initially.

mine is a hack-n-slash method that basically just uses some clever scripting to manipulate new PDB files and use packages, well ORIGINAL packages anyways, to "work" on OFW. The bubbles, from my testing, will install any original package.

i am more interested now in trying several approaches using the public PDB knowledge, and related, and trying to understand a bit more of what i am actually doing!! :confused:


hi guys i mentioned earlier that i am contacting my friend in Spain about this method so he talked to a store that uses this method and got some information.

OK so the method is different between consoles for nor and nand consoles they need a e3 flasher to get idps but for emmc consoles (super slim 12 GB) they cant dump emmc so they cant get idps but they use a software trick to do the method they switch the HDD to a bigger size (so that they download more games) and update the console with a software but they use some kind of a trick to make the method work without idps.

I think they extract the update.pup and replace some files but the thing is why don't they do it with nor and nand consoles maybe they can but what i understood is that the stores using this method they only follow the tutorial exactly as written and are not trying to make the method work without buying the games because they all have access to an account with 200 games which is given by the Brazilian shop that is selling this method.

So i think that the Brazilian shop has other private methods that installs free games on any firmware but the store is keeping them private in case the bubble method gets patched too or the store wants to keep it for itself.

I also think that the method consists of manipulating act.dat file. Anyway i think if the bubble method comes public something else might come out of it maybe a new method that installs games without buying them.

Anyway i am studying the method and doing some trials on my ps3 but i still need the idps which i cant get obviously so i am trying other stuff right now and ill post results meanwhile anybody with projects or ideas please post them they might help a lot.


Can you send the structure of the .pdb file of you program? In the original .pdb you write a zeus link but in your there is not that zeus link
to be honest, I found the bubble trick on accident. I was testing some package links in PSN store with BurpSuite and the PS3 lost power during package install. I didn't realize that the 80000000 directory was created until I did a DTU to OFW, testing some other apps. When the OFW booted, there was a bubble!

I then looked on CFW to see where it was coming from and found some interesting files under "/dev_hdd0/vsh/game_pkg/" directory. I attempted to mimic the trick by cutting power right after download finished and it worked. The next logical step (in my head) was to automate things a bit..........and the rest is, as they say......history! :cool:

EDIT: I only know where the Install text (including star symbol and the one space) and the package id go, as well as the /task/ folder stuff. The actual "structure", I didn't really find out about until after releasing the tool.


i am curious as to what other tricks the vsh directory and other parts of the file structure holds. I personally don't have too much vsh experience, but i imagine the vsh related sprx and other files may be hiding some interesting info of what we can manipulate using only the HDD and memory.

I have found several *unnamed* :whistle: interesting things in apps stowed away, commented out, or labeled as a "hack" or referencing a bug that is poorly patched, all in plain text by the Sony and other devs.


this method isn't a bubble installer it's quite simple to those who understand what's bin modified coming from a cfw unit and modifying to fit one's account to transfer those games with dB and keys which both are contained

each account contains a list of games purchased over store which is held on your console good luck boys.
its a "Bubble Maker" and yes it does make bubbles that work on OFW. How this is done is irrelevant. I didn't know anything about them until i accidentally found one from a DTU to OFW.

I respect your opinion and if you do have any light to shine down on the matter, please do so. I do not mean any disrespect, so please do not take it that way.
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