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Yesterday the PlayStation 4 v4.05 scene saw a windfall of PS4 FTP 4.05 Payloads for use with the recent Kernel Exploit 4.05, and with help from @DarkElementPL and @raedoob alongside @Al Azif's Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool it didn't take long for even @Fimo to obtain PS4 4.05 Full FTP Access. :D

Today @Spoofayy, who can also be found on Twitter, added a video tutorial to his YouTube Channel detailing the process to get PS4 4.05 Full Root FTP access for those on exploited PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.05.. check it out below!

PS4 Full Root FTP Access Tutorial *4.05 Only*
Comments on this video will try and check as often as possible :)

Follow me and request DM Here:

Note: If the above don't work for you, try this ALL-IN-ONE idc exploit.rar (227 KB) package which both P3T3s and xtemegamr confirmed worked the very first time after trying the rest with no luck! :thumbup:

Special GREETZ to @raedoob for keeping me in the loop on Twitter and for the pic! :love:
PS4 4.05 Full Root FTP Access Video Tutorial by Spoofayy.jpg



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Edit ftp.bin with hex editor and put your IP. example: search - find - search for - 192
Use exploit with jailbreak.js included, for send ftp payload.



Adnan Mirza
I was just using the normal exploit hoster. Changed to the modded one and it worked.
I used the exploit files you asked to download from the utube link, but by using that the jailbreak page won't load. I tried it 100's of times.

This morning I tried Alazif's new exploit (v0.3.2). It had 2 files (Specter, and IDC). IDC exploit has 2 extra files namely (fix and prisonbreak). Again, when I use IDC the page won't load and when I use Specter it loads but still no Full FTP access. It is frustrating.

NVM, I managed to get the latest exploit (al azif 0.3.2) running, had to used Python ver 3 with it. However still no FULL FTP (Can it be Filezilla issue?)


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Im not a noob, spent 2 days on this..... Tried linux, Win, CMD, ALL payload senders and payloads and idc exploit worked first time!!

This should be pined as it WORKS, Thank you for saving me a lot of time!!


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See HERE for how to edit it, and HERE for links to editing apps you can use.

This should be pined as it WORKS, Thank you for saving me a lot of time!!
I added a highlighted note to the OP now in case those who were also running into issues with the others want to give it a try.


Adnan Mirza
idc exploit + idc ftp payload = root

Do not worry if the launch exploits the page being loaded but it remains white. Leave it so open and send ftp payload then connect with the Filezilla

idc exploit download : idc exploit.rar (227 KB) - Mirror
You SIR, are a hero. I downloaded IDC file and it worked. Of course as usual it won't load the page but I could finally get the full ftp access. THANK YOU so Much!
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