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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Apr 19, 2017 at 12:45 AM       306      
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Following the PS4 4.0x WebKit Exploit Break Down, JailbreakMe PS4 3.5x / 3.70 / 4.0x Exploit Ports, 4.50 Kernel R/W Access and his original JailbreakMe PS4 4.0x WebKit RCE Exploit today PlayStation 4 hacker qwertyoruiopz confirmed on Twitter that he "just pwned PS4 4.5x" which Google defines as "(especially in video gaming) utterly defeat (an opponent or rival); completely get the better of." :love:

Of note, PS4 Firmware 4.55 has now become mandatory to use PSN reported by HYTR and we'll update this article once specifics become available on how qwertyoruiopz has pwned PS4 v4.5x, but until then it's GREAT to hear his progress on hacking the PlayStation 4 video gaming console! :thumbup:

From the latest Tweets added above, qwertyoruiopz has confirmed on Twitter that PS4 OFW 4.55 is vulnerable to both Webkit RCE and Kernel LPE exploits which is great to hear as the PlayStation 4 developers ponder if he's planning a scene release or not. :unsure:

According to Wololo the hypocrite via ArthurBishop, to quote: "Update on release plan: Qwertyoruiop has replied (thanks!) and told me he doesn’t know at the moment if this will be released or not. In an ideal world he would keep a kernel exploit for private access and research on future firmwares, and release only if/when he finds a second user/kernel exploit combination."

From the PSXHAX Shoutbox come the following links courtesy of @Chaos Kid and @SorenAlke for other developers to examine:
Until we hear more from qwertyoruiopz, here's today's Umar Bang meme video courtesy of @Centrino:
Thanks to @B7U3 C50SS, @defense, @hyndrid, @raedoob and @xthird16 for sharing the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox and to @Lush78 for being the first to post the already famous Tweet in the forums HERE! <3
PS4 4.5x Pwned by Qwertyoruiopz, Confirms Just Pwned PS4 4.5x.png



4.70 released; obviously take this with a pinch of salt because we havent yet seen anything but this is the first time hes mentioned a release.

I have thought it would take a fimware to patch the exploit before we see a release but hey, we shall see.

Here's hoping.
Out of anyone that says he has a hack and will release if its patched, I'd believe qwertyoruiop would do it. He has released things before. And all we need is one person to release an already patched entrypoint to start homebrew releases on an updated-
ish console.
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