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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter 01cedric       Start date Jan 6, 2019 at 1:13 PM       2,853       5      
Hey Guys :)

Long story short... following my last project I have since helped @DeathRGH to create Custom Images on Ghosts (PS4), at the same time I've ported over my Custom SFX Method from PS3 to PS4, which allows the user to overwrite any Sound in the Game with a custom one.

Download: (27.4 MB)

I'll probably release a Tool within the next couple days but idk yet.

First I want to know, what you think and if you‘re interested in such things. I've uploaded 3 Previews onto my YouTube Channel via Twitter to showcase what can be done by replacing the Fire Sound of the SA-805.

Feedback is appreciated ! ;)

Here is the Playlist with some Tests I've done and the videos below as well:

PS4 5.05 / AW 1.23 Exodus Mod Menu Preview
PS4 Call of Duty Ghosts 1.00 Custom SFX Demos by 01cedric.jpg


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