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Following JKPatch / MemView, the NetCheat API and PS4 Cheater homebrew application we've seen a resulting PS4 Game-Modding Offsets Drop thread... but today JDsnyke kicked things up a notch initiating a free PS4 Cheat List on Github for PlayStation 4 game modders to share their findings with the community! :notworthy:

Download: / GIT /

Hopefully others will join in and fork it pushing current changes, and to quote from the in part: PS4 Cheat Code / Offset List

List of PS4 cheat codes / offsets found for either PS4Cheater or NetCheatPS4


All codes belong to their respective owners. I am merely gathering them here for ease of use.

I do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy nor the reliability of either these programs / software nor of these codes / offsets.

I nor the original publishers of these codes are to be blamed for any issues that arise with their use.

In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Original threads found here, here and here on the psxhax forum.


I will update at my pace. What I have here is mostly incomplete and untested.

Feel free to Fork and maintain your own versions. (Or even Push your Changes!)

Thanks to @Shurikan117 for the heads-up HERE on this collaboration project! <3
PS4 Cheat List Listing of PS4 Cheat Codes  Offsets on Github.jpg
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so here are some new codes to test for the moments then I'll upload others:

Dark Soul 2: Scholar of the first Sin CUSA 01589 ver 1.00 you can find it on psxhax repo

simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@72719560_2_1560+1BA0+98+28+0+100+10+10+8+18|data|4 bytes|9999|0|Inf Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@7271B0F0_2_30F0+D0+100+10+10+8+298+8+D0+EC|data|4 bytes|999999999|0|Max Inf Souls|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@7291BBD0_2_203BD0+E0+100+100+10+10+8+66|data|2 bytes|32767|0|Inf Energy|
simple pointer|pointer|float|@7271B0F0_2_30F0+D0+100+10+10+8+230+28+16C|data|float|99|0|Inf Durability Weapons|
simple pointer|pointer|float|@7291BBD0_2_203BD0+E0+100+100+10+10+8+230+28+94|data|float|99|0|Inf Durability Shields|​


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yo guy i tried cheats for hzd with ps4 cheater 1.4 n 1.4.3 idk for some reason it always says section-something wrong and it'll slow as hell when i load hzd cheat list, it just dosent works for me refreshing gives 0 value

i've completed the game so it doesn't matter but it would cool if i get it to working gotta get all the cauldrons


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u tried watch dogs 2? money shows up value 999999 but in game i cant buy vehicles and when i try to wire from account it goes back to my initial value for money idk i somehow lost 400k :( and same goes for follower xp thingy, they shows in cheater i try put some new values but in game it only overwrite current values and when i get money or xp it goes to my previous value


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A quick integration for Dark Souls 2:​
  • Added Inf items
  • Added Inf Arrows
  • Added Inf Titanium to upgrade weapons
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@3DF8D560_2_1560+1BA0+98+28+0+100+10+10+8+18|data|4 bytes|9999|0|Inf Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@3DF8F0F0_2_30F0+D0+100+10+10+8+298+8+D0+EC|data|4 bytes|999999999|0|Max Inf Souls|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@3E18FBD0_2_203BD0+E0+100+100+10+10+8+66|data|2 bytes|32767|0|Inf Energy|
simple pointer|pointer|float|@3DF8F0F0_2_30F0+D0+100+10+10+8+230+28+16C|data|float|99|0|Inf Durability Weapons Slo1|
simple pointer|pointer|float|@3E18FBD0_2_203BD0+E0+100+100+10+10+8+230+28+94|data|float|99|0|Inf Durability Shields Slot1|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@3DF8F0F0_2_30F0+A8+10+C0+D0+78+30+28+8+48|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf Titanium|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@3DF8F510_2_3510+4E8+60+28+130+118+20|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf Items|
simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@3DF8FA18_2_3A18+60+28+130+128+8+8+8+8+FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF8|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf Arrows|​


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I don't know what's going on. I'm on 4.55 and have God of War 3 I ripped to my hard drive. I own the game. I have been trying forever to change the orbs number and it never happens.

I show say 27 orbs, I find it in the cheater, I then use a little and now. have say 20 orbs. I type 20 and the next search. I find that and add it to cheats and change the number to 9999 and it dissent change at all.

I cannot get any of the cht files to work either. I using the stock version of GOW3 I never updated and have never signed into psn unfortunately otherwise. i would just use the save doctor wizard thing. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I don't need the cheats, I just like to mess around.

I need help.


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Here are some codes for The last of us remastered just test it out and report any bugs:
  • Inf Health
  • Inf Gun Ammo
GAME: CUSA00556 version 01.00 from psxhax repo

simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@6836A530_2_2530+0+3A8+30|data|4 bytes|100|0|Inf Health|
simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@683E4768_2_7C768+118+10+0+378+0+1F8+1C0+20C|data|4 bytes|99|0|Inf Ammo Gun|


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I'm playing Persona 5. The cheat table in your github works great. Here you have other cheats you can add to the table:
data|3|3376C|4 bytes|9999999|0|1st Persona Exp|61FAF76C
data|3|3379C|4 bytes|9999999|0|2nd Persona Exp|61FAF79C
data|3|337CC|4 bytes|9999999|0|3rd Persona Exp|61FAF7CC
data|3|337FC|4 bytes|9999999|0|4th Persona Exp|61FAF7FC
data|3|3382C|4 bytes|9999999|0|5th Persona Exp|61FAF82C
data|3|3385C|4 bytes|9999999|0|6th Persona Exp|61FAF85C
data|3|35B73|hex|63636363636363636363636363636363006363630000636363636363630063636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363006363630063636363636363630000630063636363636363636363636363636363636363630063006363630063636363636363636363630063636363630063636363006363636363636363636300636363006363636363630000636363636363636363636363636300636363636300636363636363636363636363636363636363636363630000636363636363636300006363636363636363636363636363630063636363636363006363636363636363636363636363636363630000000000000000000000000000000063636363636363636363636363636363636363630000000000000000000000000000000000000063636363636363630063636363636363636363636300636363636363636363630063006363636363636363636300636363636363636300636363630063636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363636363000000000000000063636363636363636363636363636363630000636363636363000000006363636363636363636363636363636363636363636300000063636363636363636363636363636363000000630063636363636363630000000063630000006363636363630063|0|All Consumables&Materials&Essentials|61FB1B73
Basically, you can max the level of the personas equipped by the main character with only one battle. Also, with the last code, you can get almost all the items in the game (except for equip, treasures and key items)
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