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Following JKPatch / MemView, the NetCheat API and PS4 Cheater homebrew application we've seen a resulting PS4 Game-Modding Offsets Drop thread... but today JDsnyke kicked things up a notch initiating a free PS4 Cheat List on Github for PlayStation 4 game modders to share their findings with the community! :notworthy:

Download: / GIT /

Hopefully others will join in and fork it pushing current changes, and to quote from the in part: PS4 Cheat Code / Offset List

List of PS4 cheat codes / offsets found for either PS4Cheater or NetCheatPS4


All codes belong to their respective owners. I am merely gathering them here for ease of use.

I do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy nor the reliability of either these programs / software nor of these codes / offsets.

I nor the original publishers of these codes are to be blamed for any issues that arise with their use.

In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Original threads found here, here and here on the psxhax forum.


I will update at my pace. What I have here is mostly incomplete and untested.

Feel free to Fork and maintain your own versions. (Or even Push your Changes!)

Thanks to @Shurikan117 for the heads-up HERE on this collaboration project! <3
PS4 Cheat List Listing of PS4 Cheat Codes  Offsets on Github.jpg



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Open the game, load your save, refresh process in ps4cheat, select eboot and load the .cht file. Don't refresh the codes.

For this codes: Items&Materials&Essentials, All Treasures, All Skill Cards, you only need to lock them for the cheat to load. The objects will automatically appear in the item section of the menu.

For the "change persona" code, you need to write in "value" the hex code for the persona you want. Lets say you have Arsene and you want to change it for Metatron. Just write 0100 in value and press enter. If you check your personas now, you'll see Metatron instead of Arsene :p


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alright items materials n essen worked :)
but change persona code it went over my head lol.
and can u tell how to add persona slot i have 8 currently, it shows 0 value do i have write something in it?
feels newby :(


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I left a list of persona and the code for every one of them.
The codes don't give you more slots. And you need to have a persona equipped in the slot you are gonna change the persona.

If you have Arsene in slot 1 and you want to change it, go to the cheat "change slot 1 persona" and write in value the code for the persona you want. Press enter and you'll see the new persona instead of Arsene.

And remember, hex codes becomes empty if you try to refresh them ;)


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An update for Persona 5

Somehow i finally found the social stats address.
With this code you'll have all social stats (Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness and Charm) at 1 point to be maxed. Just lock the code to apply the cheat, check your social stats to see if them changed, unlock the code and go to do something to gain social points. You need only one point more for each one of the social stats to max them ;)

Here is the code:

data|3|45D20|hex|BF0083005600700087|0|Social Stats (Only 1 point for max)|8FE5D20
And here is the updated cheat table:

Spoiler: .cht file

I'll try to find the confidant code, but i don't promise anything :p


Money Cheat Found for CUSA02980 (Borderlands - The Handsome Collection).

I done this on the Borderlands 2 game for now. (Haven't done Prequel yet, I assume it might work the same way probably?).

If any of you guys on here attempted Borderlands - The Handsome Collection on the PS4Cheater you should already know that the Eboot.bin does not exist for this game.

You would need to select MAGNOLIA.elf

Then select the process "anon:0000056b1c92[0]-3-240000000-131072KB"

Then enter in your current in-game money amount in the box. Leave hex unchecked. Then scan.

Then modify the corresponding Value column (e.g. 99999999) on the memory address locations I've found:


I am still trying to find out where the Eridium value is stored?. I am struggling on that lol. Oh well.

Andrew Marques

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How do I use cht files, I'm on PS4 cheater and loaded it up, but nothing is active, I even clicked active and nothing works. I am in the game and I am on 4.55.
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