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Just over a week ago we heard rumors of accessing the PS4 Debug Mode Settings on retail PlayStation 4 consoles, and today scene developer CTurt confirmed it's now possible to access the PS4 Dev Menu on 1.76 retail units thanks to Flat_z! :D

Download: Enable Dev Menu / / PS4-debugmenu.bin (1.0 MB Compiled) via fx0day / PS4-debugmenu.bin (1.0 MB Compiled) via Di_Scala_ / Tutorial by Chaos Kid / PS4-dlclose GIT

From Stuart Fox via Facebook comes a video demo also.

:arrow: Update: From lezek20 also comes code to enable the more advanced debug menu (dlclose.bin (1.00 MB) compiled by ultradogg), to quote:
*(char *)0xFFFFFFFF833242FD = 0x81;
Just add it into the kernel payload before this part:
:alert: This could brick your console btw, so be careful!

:arrow: Update #2: From @j0lama with help from @sealab (Demo video: jgoake.mp4 - 43 MB) via Twitter:
Download: Fully-Enable-Debug-Settings.bin (1 MB)
Fully enable Debug Settings:
*(uint32_t*) 0xFFFFFFFF8269C07Cull=0;
*(uint32_t*) 0xFFFFFFFF8269B56Full=0;
Thanks to B7U3 C50SS and GrimDoe in the Shoutbox for the heads-up! :)
PS4 Dev Menu 1.jpg

PS4 Dev Menu 2.jpg

PS4 Dev Menu 3.jpg


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Lets work it out
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Can someone explain how this is different from the former debug axs?
it gives ability to install pkg and enable offline play and license with ftp. Sealab shared a video of the new options in action via the shoutbox. But I dont know if its ok to share it since @PSXHAX didn't
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