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They say history repeats itself and every year starts with a PS4 dongle jailbreak rumor, as in 2015, in 2016, another in 2016 and now to kick off 2017 the latest PlayStation 4 dongle rumor being that despite their Twitter being dead, the Facebook page of Team SGK is abuzz since news of PS4 4.07 Unlimited PSN Gamesharing by Xmax Katsu broke.

Now they're attempting to peddle everything from 1.76 / 3.55 PS4's to Raspberry Pi's, Teensys & PS3 Console IDs with the coup de grace being an alleged PlayStation 4 dongle USB device purportedly from China for playing PS4 game backups. :cautious:

But wait.. there's more! They want you to Go to HeLL (specifically the HeLL Forum pictured below, and you'll need the Tor Browser to access this .onion link available only on Darknet / Deep Web) and then deposit 0.1 BiTCoin (@ash721 said $70 $91-92) to join the forum which they claim will be refunded after your first post or contribution. :bananaman16:

As ironic as it would be if their dubious 'thing' used the same PS4 exploits that Chaitin Tech and Fail0verflow used but won't share, prompting either team to release theirs so that nobody in the scene would give good money towards their work to third-parties (Team SGK and the Chinese) it begs the question:

Why would ANYONE pay for ANYTHING such as this in 2017?! :ROFLMAO:

Assuming it is legit (highly unlikely, moreso just a quick cash grab attempt) as soon as it's out in the general public the information, files, etc will be passed around faster than an iPhone 9 jailbreak for FREE just like everything else digital these days and scene developers will reverse-engineer and hack it to pieces. :bananaman17:

Anyhoo, feel free to use this topic for the related discussion (meme's welcomed!) and if anyone out there does find out more on this supposed Chinese PS4 dongle being marketed by Team SGK by all means do enlighten us. :notworthy:
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People saw how much True Blue was a colossal failure & still want to make dongles..
Yup, for those who weren't around back then PS3 scene devs confirmed the TrueBlue dongle was just a USB profiteering device as expected... all it did was steal from sceners and GITs adding unnecessary DRM (Digital Rights Management) to make money selling worthless dongles.

Eventually a group called N0DRM started releasing FREE fixes to all the games that were released by Max Louarn / Paradox for those who blew money on their dongles and sent him some occasional love notes such as:

I can't wait to expose what new angle they concoct to try unloading PS4 dongles on unsuspecting sceners who aren't wise to all their past scams.
may sound fishy but they have a lot of news from here and even some links to I'm beginning to wonder if Team SGK is a fake page made by @PSXHAX himself :p (*X-Files Theme*)
LOL good call... they do seem to love our news don't they? :openedeyewink:

That Facebook page may not even be theirs, as I see another called RealTeamSGK which has the same 2014 news without the copy/pastes included.

Their PS3 site used to be at (dead now so I linked an archived page).

If it's a fake Team SGK, that would definitely make this 'rumor' even more likely fake in my book... maybe just an elaborate hoax perpetrated by troll having some fun with us all? :eyerolling:




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LOL it is fake they cant prove crap no answer and they deleted 1 of there posts related to the topic LOL

also if they are really selling the ps4s i doubt it they could be carded if they are on a .onion
there they responded im gonna check this out real quick


First make a survey and pay its OVER 9000 !!!! True !
The Forum itself was (at least 1-2 Years ago, or even longer time ago o_O) legit.

Although i didn't know they had game/console hacks. In the good ol time they were specialized on hacked databases/sites (db dumps) and other hacked/leaked stuff.


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Even with all the VPN tunnels and proxies in the world if the Feds want to get someone on the Darkweb they will imo... as for Sony, they would probably target that Facebook page similar to how they went after GeoHotz's Twitter account. :cautious:
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