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Over the 4th of July holiday PlayStation 4 developer @flatz shared a 5.01 shellcore patch on Twitter allowing the PS4 FPKG installer to work with an external hard drive without any CE-41798-9 error codes, and shortly following zecoxao shared the related patch offsets for 4.55 and 5.05 OFW versions allowing @XVortex via Twitter to update the PS4 Homebrew Enabler PS4 HEN VTX for 5.05 Firmware with PS4 Exploit Host author @Al Azif on Twitter also updating his DNS HEN 1.7 and Mod Menus. :love:

PlayStation 4 developer @stooged also shared some holiday updates with everyone in the form of PS4_Serve3 v2.0 and Cache Install v9 which add PS4HEN 1.7 allowing games to be installed to a PS4-formatted external HDD now alongside @pearlxcore who announced on Twitter that he's also updated his PlayStation exploit page at as well as by EdiTzZ and a v1.7 update by Codsworth. (y)

Below are several PlayStation 4 external HDD articles since support was added in PS4 OFW 4.50 with some related Tweets, as follows:
Content of extended Storage from PS4 6.xx can be read on PS4 5.05:
  • Start hen v2.1
  • Connect your USB drive
  • At update message select later
  • Go to Debug Settings \ External HDD \ Format version
  • Replace 06000000 by 045000000
  • Go back to Settings \ Devices \ Usb drive \ and select your USB drive
  • Click on "use as extended Storage"
  • Go back to XMB and let the system check all the disk (could be long depending of data size)
You can start game if you have license on your PS4 5.05
I forgot to say that games requiring 6.xx will not work on your 5.05 with this method :)

PS4 External HDD Patch by Flatz and HEN 5.05 Updates by XVortex.jpg



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you have lucky!!!
try to reinstall one game (not working), ant test it.
install al azif cache version, and uncheck internet!!!


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@vservis bro i don't have my old games setups thats why i asked if there is anyway to unlock them when i try to play them it says to purchase it from ps store

thanks for suggesting offline method its much more comfortable


Hi there was just wondering does this work with any 3.0 usb drive or is it only certain ones. Also kinda off topic but is there still a ps4 fake package section i haven t been able to see it for a couple weeks now any info os thanks in advance


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This happened to me, and here is what i figure out.

Games installed with mira+hen can be played both on mira and xvortex.

Games installed with xvortex cannot be run with mira+hen.

This mean, i installed a game using xvortex hen, and when on restart i run mira+hen exploit, that game is locked and cannot be run, but when i load xvortex hen, game become playable.

If i install game using mira exploit, then game is unlocked and playable no matter what enabler im using.

So what is my point, simply try to run different enabler and see what happens, if you used xvortex (for example) try load mira.... And vice versa....

Also i find that some games simply cannot be run with xvortex, no matter what enabler is used to install, tomb raider, gow and la noire for example (at least version i have) are locked when using xvortex enabler, i reinstalled them several times, but no luck, only works with mira.

Note, all i'm saying goes for initial mira release and xvortex hen 1.6, didn't try new version(s).

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