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Proceeding the Tutorial on Setting Up Payload.bin for PS4, Building PS4 Payloads Guide, the previous BIN2JS Tutorial to Convert PS4 Payload.bin to Payload.js Files and Adding Custom Payloads to PS4 WebKit Video this weekend Storm21CH updated his Github repository with a PS4 Firmware 6.72 Payload Converter BIN2JS / JS2BIN for Jailbroken PS4 6.72 Console owners. 😃

Download: PS4.6.72.Payload.Converter.rar (includes 672_BIN2JS.exe and 672_JS2BIN.exe) / GIT

From the, roughly translated: PS4 FW 6.72 Payload Converter BIN2JS or JS2BIN by @Storm21
  • The payload "* .js" or "* .bin" must be in the same folder as the converter files.
  • Execute the desired converter
  • Enter or insert payload name with file extension ".js or .bin", enter
  • The payload is converted and the desired payload is created in .js or .bin format
PS4 Firmware 6.72 Payload Converter BIN2JS  JS2BIN by Storm21CH.jpg