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Recently we reported on the discovery of Sony's PS4 Debug Menu for retail consoles, and today PlayStation 4 developer fx0day (Twitter) updated CTurt's PS4 Playground (GIT) with an FTP Server and those handy Debug Settings! :D

To quote: Here's my little contribution for those who can't get funny things running: PS4-Playground with FTP Server and Debug Settings

You can connect to your PS4 using a FTP Client (Get Filezilla

Connect to your PS4 Ip on Port 1337
Login Password are not checked

Take care when playing with your Ps4 files !!!!
You can brick your PS4 if you try stupid things !!!!

Ftp code is a mix of Xerpi , Bigoboss and myself , the Debug settings code come from Flatz.

You can use this version online :

Or you can host it where you want using this archive : PS4_Playground_Ftp.rar / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / Mirror 4 / Mirror 5 / Mirror 6 / Fx0day GIT Repos via B7U3 C50SS

If you want the binary version of the Ftp+Debug : FTPS4rlz.bin

I'll post more infos and SKFU config for those who can't get it running ...

Props to B7U3 C50SS for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! ;)
How to Setup FTP on a PS4
PS4 WebKit Playground.jpg


B7U3 C50SS

~ Team_Zer0 ~
Senior Member
Thanks dude! and No problem! =D these mirros won't probobly last as long as the github page though if that's even ben published yet. i should really check on fx0day's github. maybe we can link it to the article? i've onticed that CTurte's code for the webkit playground is still outdatred when compared to fx0day's just sayin'..

B7U3 C50SS

~ Team_Zer0 ~
Senior Member
Right... he's only got these three repositories i thought he'd have his own fork of CTurte's working playground i guess not. but he has some interesting looking repos. for from what i can tell are ps4 hacks XD trying to dump crap in real time i presume. think he's working with cfwprophet. lmao. those guys do good work all the time. :D
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