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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jul 15, 2017 at 4:43 AM       19      
Following the preliminary PS4 ModChip Hardware Analysis and MTX Key Reseller List, today wholesaler Westingames made available a brief video detailing where to solder the MATRiX Key Gamesharing Mod in the PlayStation 4 CUH-10XXA series (SAA-001), CUH-11XXA series (SAB-001), CUH-12XXA series (SAC-001), PS4 Slim CUH-20XXB series (SAD-001) and PS4 Pro CUH-70XXA series (NVA-001) models via the English Installation Manual. (y)

Also below is a PS4 MTX Key review from BALA MURUGAN although it's not in English.

Where to Solder PS4 MTX KEY on My Motherboard?

PS4 MTX KEY CHIP Install on PlayStation 4 Slim
PS4 MTX Key Review
PS4 Gamesharing ModChip MATRiX (MTX) Key Installation Overview Video.jpg


Sony is glad this device is ready, now every ps4 owner will update his console.

Once it was blocked, no way out, return to the start point (psn).
the day when it arrives. mod as much ps4's as you can and dont ever put those consoles online ever again. wait for real cfw or jailbreak. That is the only way.
I am Stock on 3.50 and wait for real CFW... I mean that was a great Version on ps3, so i wait on 3.50 at my ps4 to fxxk Sony again.

So i go on october and buy a 4k TV and a ps4 pro and grand turismo...
Guys urgent question please how can I copy games from external HDD to ps4 after I make these hack I'm already patch the ps4 but looking for the best way to copy game from external HDD or computer to the ps4 with out game transfer from another ps4 please