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Hi guys, following my last update regarding the topic of a GameBoy Emulator for PS4 here is an early PS4 GBEmu Beta.

Previously PlayStation 4 developer @CTurt also made available a port of the Cinoop GameBoy emulator to PS4 via WebKit exploit for those following.

Still many things to fix. Even the sound is ok under Windows Unity Editor, it does not work well in PS4. It looks to be a problem of frequencies.

I'll have to check it. Here is a sneak peak.

Here is the PKG for downloading. I've included just one ROM which is Super Mario Land 2. Some more GB / GBC ROMs can be found courtesy of SCORPION1399 below:

Download: ED1685-NPXX51385_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (58.8 MB) / GAMEBOY_1483_ROMS.rar (170.2 MB) / GBC_1005_ROMS.rar (GameBoy Color ROMs Pack - 462.8 MB) / ED1685-NPXX51385_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (389.8 MB - Beta 2) / Passcode

There are 2 main things still under development:
  1. First one is File Manager integration to load ROMS. This is easy to do using the File Manager you could see some days ago. To complete this task it would be great some of you could do a big package of all ROMS as he can and make me available for download it. I will add it to the compilation.

  2. Second one will be fix the sound issue.
Hope you enjoy.
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