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Recently @Sametto Chan let us know on Twitter that PS4 Jailbroken Console owners have bypassed PSN with 4 letters for Fortnite and successfully logged in with help from justanyonee_ to the Fortnite Project Era (Twitter) private emulator server (Discord Invite to make accounts) that doesn't connect to the Epic server which @CyB1K further describes as "just battleroyale on a private server" then elaborating, "You can play in the server with PC, PS4 JB, Switch and Mobile users." :eek:

However, when asked an ETA for the PlayStation 4 patch release Cyberpt1000 replied, "not sure yet, nothing ready on server for PS4 stuff" while noting, "this is an old build, it has no updates" for build 2.02 / 7.40 followed by confirming, "Oh that idk, but im working with the dev directly haha." :sneaky:

This news comes proceeding the Playing PS4 Games Over LAN with XBSLink Guide with Local PS4 Cooperative and Multiplayer Games List, Fornite All In One (AIO) GPC Online Library, Fortnite PHP Wrapper, XLink Kai Update with PS4 Support, Epic Games Developer Asset Content Clones, CoD: Ghosts Unlock All PS4 Trophies for Clients and Destination Home: PlayStation Home Revival project.

⬆️ Update: [CUSA07022] Fortnite Update v2.02 (EZFN 7.40) Fully Backported

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@handsfromhell any ingeration in the game will give you ban. Even DLCs skins, since all you need is to play and earn ingame currency to buy anything
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