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Proceeding his PS4 Patch Builder for Building Modded Update PKGs, today PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @MODDEDWARFARE released via Twitter a PS4 Package (PKG) Sender application complete with a video guide from his YouTube Channel! :tree: :santa:

Download: PS4 Package Sender (478 KB - PS4 Package Sender.exe) / PS4 Package Sender (1.4 MB - PS4 Package Sender.exe + Crypto.dll for those with A/V issues)

Below are some additional details from the video's description, and don't forget today is Black Friday 2019 so be sure to check out the Black Friday 2019 Ad Scans, PlayStation Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals and PlayStation Store Black Friday 2019 PSN Sale for the hottest deals this holiday season! šŸ”„

Remote Pkg Installer Setup Tutorial:

This video covers how to use my PS4 Package Sender app to send multiple PS4 PKG files from any location on your computer to your PS4 over your LAN connection.

Download Links:
PS4 Remote Package Installer Tutorial (5.05 Jailbreak):
Improving Remote Pkg Installer Transfer Speed:
PS4 Package Sender Release/Tutorial:
PS4 Package (PKG) Sender Release & Tutorial by MODDED WARFARE.jpg



Well, the program said it doesnt support files that contain "spaces" like: God of War.pkg, the file must be God_of_War or godofwar or whatever without spaces.

An update which allow spaces in file name would be great.


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@MeAnonymoX Yeah unfortunately the issue with spaces seems to be a problem with the remote package installer homebrew app on the PS4 and not something I can fix on my end.

I could be wrong of course but I've tried encoding the string in different forms but it always results in the package file not sending if it contains spaces.


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i can not find a way to fix the issue before i could send the pkg by using the first pkg sender but now i do not know why i can not send either the previous version or the new one

i tried using wireless only but it did not work


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@abumaya What happens when you use the old bat scripts? You should get some kind of error on the webserver cmd window or the web request cmd window.

With an error like "Unable to set up prerequisites for package" or Invalid JSON data, 404 not found or something to that effect.


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that is what i got and nothing happened
Waiting for 0 seconds, press a key to continue ...
*   Trying
* Connected to ( port 12800 (#0)
> POST /api/install HTTP/1.1
> Host:
> User-Agent: curl/7.61.1
> Accept: */*
> Content-Length: 111
> Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
* upload completely sent off: 111 out of 111 bytes
I do not know what i did but it worked if i use wireless but if i connect the wire and follow your steps with the sharing nothing will happen
also PS4 Package Sender v1.0 is not working


Works fine with smaller PKGs but once I tried installing a 40+gb game it said "sent" straight away on the program. I backed out of the App on PS4 deleted the failed downloads and went back into the program pressing send. I had to do this multiple times for it to contiounly be saying sending [Name of game] until it was done.

This is actually really fast compared to ftping PS3 Games those were a nightmare.
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