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Following the App.pkg Database Mod, PS4 4.55 Update Blocker HEN and recent PS4HEN VTX release, PlayStation 4 developer @CelesteBlue made available via Twitter PS4 PKG2USB to dump and run Fake PKGs on USB with both 4.05 / 4.55 Payloads by SiSTRo. :D

Download: PS4 PKG2USB (Latest Release) / PKG2USB / GIT

Available on the latest release page are a ps4-pkg2usb.cfg configuration file, ps4-pkg2usb_405.bin and ps4-pkg2usb_455.bin payloads.

:alert: Before getting overly excited, this is some PKG2USB Feedback by Stooged for those considering giving it a try.

Here's a brief usage guide from e✘, to quote roughly translated:

Today we present you PKG2USB, a Payload (based on Vortex’s Dumper) to dump and run Fake PKGs on USB.

1) works only with fpkg
2) game/app must be before installed as usally on internal
3) copy ps4-pkg2usb.cfg to usb root
4) edit config title_id with game/app title_id
5) always use the same usb port when you installed game
6) to reinstall game to internal hdd, remove and reinstall as usal
tip: if you still have the pkg and you want to avoid wasting time waiting for the file to be copied from the payload on the usb HDD, copy the pkg to X:\PS4\CUSAxxxxx\app.pkg

Download: ps4-pkg2usb_v1.0.7z (7.4 KB)

Coded by SiSTRo – Credits to XVortex & Anonymous

Thanks for the payload, have tested it on 4.05 and it works perfect. Keep in mind that the app.pkg must be on internal hdd, so it’s similar to my Database Mod but with this payload you don’t have to edit the app.db anymore. Great work !


And from the, to quote: PS4 PKG2USB – Dump and run Fake PKGs on USB – 4.05/4.55 Payload by SiSTRo

This is a PS4 payload (based on Vortex's dumper) to dump and run fake PKGs on USB.
  • USB drive must be formatted to exFAT
  • works only with fpkg (not official pkg)
  • game/app have to be before installed as usually on internal storage
  • copy ps4-pkg2usb.cfg to usb root
  • edit config title_id with game/app title_id
  • always use the same USB port that when you installed game
  • to reinstall game to internal hdd, remove and reinstall as usual
Tip: If you still have the pkg and you want to avoid wasting time waiting for the file to be copied from the payload on the USB HDD, copy the pkg to X:\PS4\CUSAxxxxx\app.pkg

External USB drive storage for 4.05 and 4.55 PS4 homebrews and games is now a thing ! exFAT drive is way easiest to manage, no encryption, so maybe faster than native USB, and works also on 4.05 !!! Credits go to SiSTRO and xvortex and anonymous. (not me)
I recall that I didn't do anything in this project except releasing it. I host source code so people will improve it.
Cheers to everyone who shared the news tips in the ongoing PS4 4.55 Holy Grail (PS4HEN) discussion thread earlier on! :beer:
PS4 PKG2USB Fake PKGs on USB 4.05  4.55 Payload by SiSTRo.jpg



So this is possible to start the HEN crack directly from the hard drive? Can someone give more detailed instructions on what to do exactly? Would be synonymous other users very grateful for a good guide to it.


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@Corruptor It's not of much use yet. Don't waste your time for now, wait for an update. I'm sure the devs will issue an update thats actually useful.

When the payload gets fixed here's how it should work:

Example package CUSAXXXXX.pkg to install (replace XXX with the proper ID)

1) Copy it to root directory of your External USB and install as usual on PS4's internal HDD using Debug Settings
2) After install is done rename CUSAXXXXX.pkg from your external USB to app.pkg and move to usb:\PS4\CUSAXXXXX\app.pkg
3) Start pkg2usb
4) Reboot and run PS4HEN payload again


Senior Member
This payload is useless. It does nothing but copy the pkg from internal to external memory. And the pkg must also be reborn in internal memory, what's the point? Payload useless in my opinion.
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