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Since the release of PS4 HEN (which can be used with Android and iOS) the 4.05 PlayStation 4 scene has been on fire while PS4 developer @CelesteBlue worked on a PS4 System Update Blocker with testing and hosting done by @LightningMods followed by V2 and V3, V3.1, V3.2, PS4 4.55 Update Blocker HEN and PS4 4.55 Update Blocker HEN V3! :fire:

To recap briefly, we've seen guides on how to block PS4 updates, covered some reasons why you may want to block them, reported on Sony blocking some PS4 Playground sites in PS4 Web browsers, and most recently added a tutorial on how to remove the downloaded PS4 Update PUP from your system if it hasn't been installed yet. :sneaky:

Download: HEN + Blocker.bin (13.8 KB) / BlockerV2.bin (14.3 KB) / GIT / UpdateBlockerFTP.bin (22.1 KB - V3) / PS4 4.55 Update Blocker FTP GIT / Blockerv3.1.bin (22.0 KB) / Blockerv3.1woSpoofer.bin (22.1 KB) / BlockerV3.2.bin (22.1 KB) / UpdateBlocker+HEN+Spoofer.bin (1.00 MB) / GIT / / GIT via Scene Collective / / GIT via Karf5

To quote from the included PS4-HEN-Update-Blocker-Payload

This Payload contains Debug settings, Update Blocker, and HEN in 1!
only 14kb now
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The update blocker creates a folder in /update and unlinks the folder DO NOT REMOVE IT You WILL still get the notification of a update let the update download to %100 then you will be greeted with a "Cannot download" message and you cannot install it either so now you cannot update it accidentally...

You can use my website to inject it without injecting it via PC


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How To Remove Update Blocker On 4.05 To Update To 4.55 (PS4 Jailbreak)
Cheers to @LightningMods for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier! :beer:
PS4 HEN Update Blocker Payload with Debug Settings by CelesteBlue.jpg


Great News and awesome work! I wonder if we can get a permanent HEN soon; pushing payloads after restarts... or maybe a HEN and FTP combo...awesome! Keep up the great work Dev's, your work is greatly appreciated!
So what's the advantage over the al-Azif one? It sounds like it's permanent but it stills download the file, and also we cant sign into psn, maybe for the browser?
Does anyone know if this blocks system updates only or does it also block game updates?
This method create a folder with the exact same name of the update file that the PS4 tries to download. So when the PS4 tries to save the .pup, it can't because something's already there.

It will only work for system updates, game updates will use some other filename/download location.

This just automates something you can probably do over FTP yourself. You can just do this once etc and forget about it. (I'm happy to be corrected!)
So what's the advantage over the al-Azif one? It sounds like it's permanent but it stills download the file, and also we cant sign into psn, maybe for the browser?

This one creates a directory with the same name as the PS4 update so the system can't create the update file. You only need to apply this once to have it continue working as long as you don't delete the created directory.

The DNS blocking stops the domain from resolving, this means the system cannot find the update to download because the URL points to the wrong IP address. While this also stops telemetry data and other data being sent to/from Sony it requires that you be running, or connected to, the DNS. Although if the DNS you have set is down you just won't be able to access any domain name and will still be safe.

Do both.
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