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Early this year we reported on some PS4 PUP Decrypt / Unpack Updates by IDC (Twitter), and today PlayStation 4 developer Zer0xFF announced he's done a platform-independent C++ rewrite of the PS4 PUP Unpacker supporting OSX / Linux / Win32 and potentially the PS4 console itself in time! :ninja:

Download: / GIT

To quote from his latest Blog Article: PS4 PUP Unpacker Re-Written

I decided to look at ps4-pup_unpack by github user idc, twitter 3226_2143 account, its function is simple, unpack the (decrypted) pup files. You see pup is actually a container and has more files inside it (some of those files are also containers and have more files inside them).

However, I'm a Linux/OSX user first then rarely a Windows but the tool was written in C-Sharp and was using .Net library both specifically made for Windows devices, thus the decision was made to rewrite it using C++ and keep the code platform-independent, the result, the code now runs on Ubuntu/OSX/Win32 with mere 2 lines of difference.

Github Repo:

I've sent a PR to the original creator in effort to upstream the changes, else, you'll always find the code in my repo

Ok I've decided with idc to push the code to a new repo, link above updated.

And from the file: pup_unpacker

A utility to unpack PS4 update blobs that have been previously decrypted using pup_decrypt. this is based on idc/ps4-pup_unpack rewritten with C++ and runs on Linux/OSX/Win32


This utility will not unpack the contents of nested filesystems. The filesystem images in updates are FAT32, exFAT, etc images and can be mounted or unpacked with other tools.

Cheers to both @raedoob (raedoob) and @oneman123 (ZiL0G80) for the heads-up on Twitter! :bananaman13:
PS4 PUP Unpacker via IDC Platform-Independent Rewrite by Zer0xFF.jpg



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While these Github developments can be used / built upon by tech-savvy end-users now, they will eventually lead to things like what Hydrogen mentioned such as PS4 on-boot CFW, PKG Install, homebrew loading, $DK and Web marketplace for homebrew:

The last we've heard on 4.05 progress is HERE, so hopefully we see something by the end of the year :notworthy:
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