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Since his PS4 PKG Merge Tool and PlayStation API Projects, today PS4Scene developer @Tustin of shared on Twitter a PS4 Remote Gallery tool to (as the name implies) remotely view your PlayStation 4's capture gallery images. 🖼️

Download: / GIT

From the RemoteGallery

Remotely view your PS4 capture gallery.


To build
  • .NET 6
To use
  • "Jailbroken" PS4 with an FTP server
  1. Enter PS4 IP and FTP port and click connect
  2. Your capture gallery games should populate in the list view on the left side (most games should have their proper name, but it will fallback to title id if not found)
  3. Select a game to view your gallery
  • Add support for video
  • Allow selecting and download images, and mass downloading entire game gallery
  • Sorting and filtering (for games and gallery assets themselves)
  • UI cleanup
In the Tweets below, he also adds the following note.. to quote:

"Just my first attempt at messing around with the PS4. Very rudimentary, but I plan on expanding it a bit."
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