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Earlier this month we saw the release of PlayStation 4 Save Mounter v1.1 followed by a PS4 GameSave Tutorial complete with Video Demonstration, and today proceeding his PS4 Remote PKG Installer Speed Guide developer @MODDEDWARFARE announced on Twitter that he's updated his YouTube Channel with a PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial to swap saves between consoles and games. :cool:

Check it out below, and from the video's description to quote: The PS4 save mounter allows you to share your game saves between different consoles and swap save games between different game versions.
PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial (Swap Saves Between Consoles & Games)
Installing PS4 Saves From Other PS4's Without Save Wizard | PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial

How to install PS4 Save Game files from the internet or other PS4's without the need to resign them in PS4 Save Wizard. This method requires a Jailbreakable PS4.

Download Links:
PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial to Swap Saves Between Consoles & Games.jpg



Senior Member
Good Video!
But it would have been awesome if he would tell how to access saves from Games which doesnt show up in the Save Mounter "Find DIR" Menu

brite deol

I cant able to find save slot for GOW. After doing all the steps. It worked for other games i guess need to find some other way to get save slot in GOW

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