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Earlier this month we saw the release of PlayStation 4 Save Mounter v1.1 followed by a PS4 GameSave Tutorial complete with Video Demonstration, and today proceeding his PS4 Remote PKG Installer Speed Guide developer @MODDEDWARFARE announced on Twitter that he's updated his YouTube Channel with a PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial to swap saves between consoles and games. :cool:

Check it out below, and from the video's description to quote: The PS4 save mounter allows you to share your game saves between different consoles and swap save games between different game versions.
PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial (Swap Saves Between Consoles & Games)
Installing PS4 Saves From Other PS4's Without Save Wizard | PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial

How to install PS4 Save Game files from the internet or other PS4's without the need to resign them in PS4 Save Wizard. This method requires a Jailbreakable PS4.

Download Links:
PS4 Save Mounter Tutorial to Swap Saves Between Consoles & Games.jpg


Good Video!
But it would have been awesome if he would tell how to access saves from Games which doesnt show up in the Save Mounter "Find DIR" Menu
I cant able to find save slot for GOW. After doing all the steps. It worked for other games i guess need to find some other way to get save slot in GOW
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