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Since the PS4 SysGlitch Tool and SysCon Glitching Pinout, PS5 SPIWay for Dumping / Flashing PlayStation 5 SPI Flash and PS4 Syscon Read-Write Helper for System Controller Dumps developers @Abkarino (Twitter) and @egycnq (Twitter) in the PS4Scene released PS4 Syscon Tools v1.00 followed by v1.0.1, v1.5 and v1.6 alongside guide and demonstration videos from AbkarinoMHM's YouTube Channel below! :geek:

Download: PS4SysconTools_v1.60.rar (7.36 MB - includes PS4 Syscon Tools.exe, teensy.exe, PS4SysconFlasher_Teensy_4.0_v2.01.hex, PS4SysconFlasher_Teensy_4.1_v2.01.hex and PS4SysconFlasher_Teensy++_2.0_v2.01.hex) / PS4SysconTools GIT / PS4 Revert.pdf (10.0 MB - PS4 Firmware Revert 'Downgrade' Tutorial by RVaernewyck)

Spoiler: Depreciated

This comes following the previous PS4 Firmware Downgrading / Reverting / Regression Methods requiring heavy soldering, PS4 E4 Flasher PCB development, an extensive PS4 Syscon (System Controller) Guide from @BwE (Twitter) of and a PS4 CFW Toolkit used to decrypt / encrypt PlayStation 4 Firmware Files.

Here's further PS4 Syscon Tools v1.0.0 details from the PS4SysconTools PS4 Syscon Tools By Abkarino & EgyCnq

PS4 Syscon Tools is a free solution (software & hardware) that allow you to manipulate original PlayStation 4 Syscon chip (Renesas RL78/G13). It consists of 2 projects:
  • PS4 Syscon Tools (PC client to allow you to control your PS4 Syscon Flasher hardware).
  • PS4 Syscon Flasher (Hardware flasher based currently on Teensy++ 2.0).
  • Syscon Flash Dumps:
    • Full (<50 sec).
    • Partial (dump any specific block or block range).
    • NVS/SNVS only.
      Note : the read process here not use the infinty loop method that continue to dump the whole memory content and pass it to TOOL0 like some other tools we use more effecient way that can read immediately any block you want.
  • Syscon Flash Write:
    • Full (<1.5 min).
    • Partial (write any specific block or block range).
    • NVS/SNVS only.
  • Syscon Flash erase:
    • Full (<4.3 sec).
    • Partial (erase any specific block or block range).
  • Enable Syscon Debug mode:
    • Allow you to only connect 3 wires to read/write your syscon by enabling OCD flag.
Note : The process done on the fly so no need to dump the entire syscon and apply the patch then rewrite like some other tools.


What you will need ?
  • Teensy++ 2.0.
  • (100 to 200)~ ohm resistor.
  • wires.
  • LQFP 64 - 100 Socket Adapter (Optional)
  • Soldering skills
Connection Diagrams:

Please refer to HW directory to check the wiring diagram for your hardware.

Usage - Tutorial:

Please refer to PS4 Syscon Tool Tutorial on the following link:

PS4 Syscon Flasher Full Tutorial

We work so hard (Abkarino & EgyCnq) to provide the best Syscon Tool for free without the need to buy any overpriced tools we hope all of you find that tool useful and meet all your needs :)

  • droogie (droogie1xp): For early syscon investigations & identifying original Syscon chip arch.
  • fail0verflow (fail0verflow): For initial Writeup on the syscon attack, actually without their blog we will not be able to do any syscon hacks.
  • wildcard (VVildCard777): For first public implementation for the Syscon glitcher that allow us to dump our Syscon flash and also for helping us a lot during this project development.
  • DarkNESmonk: For original SysGlitch for Arduino.
For Updates and Release Info:

Please follow us on Twitter:
As well as subscribe to our YouTube channel for more info and tutorials:
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PS4 Syscon Tool (Dump & Enable Debug Mode Test)

PS4 Syscon Tool v1.00 By Abkarino & EgyCnq
Testing Full FW Dump and Enabling Debug Mode.

PS4 Syscon Tools v1.00 by Abkarino EgyCnq with Guide & Demo Videos.png


These kind of tools are always welcome! Earlier tools helped me diagnose and fix my Phat PS4 when I didn't know what was wrong with it exactly.

I soldered the chip, connected to a chip reader, reflashed and was finally able to read a UART dump that essentially told me a couple RAM chips weren't connected anymore. A reball on two of them got it back to full working order.

Deep tools at the syscon level are always a plus! Thank you!
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