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Yesterday I was using the payload from @LightningMods on my 4.55 PS4 Testkit FAT, trying to do some modifications.

So, I go to /system/priv/settings and found some XML files (pictured below).

I open them, trying to do some modification and replaces them. After that, I went to the Debug Settings --> Boot Parameters and saw a new thing that I never seen before.

PS4 VSH_4K_Mode Boot Parameter on FAT in Debug Settings 2.jpg

This is called vsh_4k_mode.

PS4 VSH_4K_Mode Boot Parameter on FAT in Debug Settings.jpg

After a reboot it disappear.

PS4 VSH_4K_Mode Boot Parameter on FAT in Debug Settings 3.jpg

So I open up the files and as you can see I saw the vsh_4k_mode on the XML but I still don't know how I enabled it

PS4 VSH_4K_Mode Boot Parameter on FAT in Debug Settings 4.png

Also in the ***s document the mode never appear

PS4 VSH_4K_Mode Boot Parameter on FAT in Debug Settings 5.png

Same for all theses settings !

PS4 VSH_4K_Mode Boot Parameter on FAT in Debug Settings 6.png

Also on my Twitter you'll find a PlayStation File Archive I used for my database at PSX Times.

Download: PSX Times Upload

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Interesting, thanks for sharing @MrNiato.. moved to the main page so hopefully someone familiar with vsh_4k_mode will see this and let us know more about it. :cool:


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Not surprised at all, off course some tests was made before deliver "plus-value" only to the pro models, other way the marketing couldnt be possible.
Only time will tell...


Possibly something that only works with hardware compatible ps4s (Slim or Pro). They all share the same firmware, so it makes sense some things are disabled on FAT.
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