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Earlier this week we saw some PS4 Fan Control Payloads arrive following PlayStation 4 scene dev research, and proceeding his PS4Admin GTA V Mod Menus and recent The Enchanted Forest VPK Updates developer @RetroGamer74 made available via Twitter PS4_Fan_Booster which is a PS4 Fan Control Dynamic Parameter payload allowing users to select the temperature from a form prior to launch based on the work of Zer0xFF. :D

Download: PS4-fan-control.bin (4.6 KB) / GIT

To quote from the PS4_Fan_Booster

This payload allows to dynamically inject a modification on the current payload binary as parameter to change temperature based on payload setup form in the PS4ADMIN payload manager for PS4.

In order to use PS4ADMIN you have to setup your Primary and Secondary DNS to the IP:

When done you can launch the User Guide. Once in the PS4ADMIN website select the latest option menu which is Store PS4ADMIN in Cache.

When finished, wait for PS4ADMIN to reload the page, and then go to Homebrew Menu and select Fan Booster.

In the Exploit Customization tab, you will be able to choose the desired temp.

Remember this temp is a threshold. It means at what temp the fan will start to work. So don't become crazy and take care.

This payload has to be used with PS4ADMIN. If you use it by itself (PS4-fan-control.bin) the default TEMP ( 60 Celsius Degrees ) will be used always.

You need the PS4ADMIN website to inject the param to the payload.

Use this at your own risk. No responsibilities from my side.


This payload is an improvement based on the information about PS4 fan from Zer0xFF and the project on

PS4 Fan Control with X-Project + New PS4 Homebrew File Manager
HTML Load for BIN by mohammadfadel

Download: html lode or bin.rar (0.01 MB)

PS4_Fan_Booster PS4 Fan Control Dynamic Parameter Payload Arrives.jpg



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Hi. If you set it up in Al Azif, for example, then the temp will be set at 60 celsius degrees always.

This happens because the parameter temp is changed directly against the PAYLOAD BINARY. It is a bit complex. So you lose that capability because it is done thru the PS4ADMIN website. Sorry about it.

Well, best temp depending on your needs. Which is clear is for a PS4 Pro, default temp is 79 celsius degrees. So if you set it up as 60, you're forcing to the fan to start cooling at 60 celsius degrees. Default threshold for PS4 working in the home screen is set to 55 celsius degrees, so it means, low than that, you will be forcing to use the cooler always. Which is not a good idea.

So be careful with your choices. Remember you can change the temp, and it can take until 30 secs to take effect. This usually happens when you change temp from lower to higher.

Also take in mind the change is persistence even when you reboot. It will back to console defaults when POWER OFF.



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thx for sharing - would it be possible, that you release a working "html version" that we can implement in our own exploit page? I host myself on my nas, and it would be awesome to implement this feature.

thx and effort for your work


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Take a look to my development, and copy what you need. Is the best I can tell you. I don't use that predesigned html. My design is quite different.



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nice great work retrogamer. can see the fan speed can be set to maximum when it exceeeds max temp

good 2 see we can at least configure this for better output


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I will be trying this :) cool stuff, thanks, I don't know why people say the ps4 dev scene is dead

Oh for anyone who wants to use the Alazif web page, you can cache it in the web browser and use the ps4admin page in the user guide ;)
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