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Following the PS4 RTM 1.76 Guide and Example Tool Template today Red (aka ItsDeidara) announced PS4All update v1.1 of the open-sourced PS4 RTE Tool previously known as PSe7en for those on jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles with details below. (y)

It's important to note he did not use any guides nor templates when creating PS4All though.

Download: PS4All (Latest) / GIT

To quote: PS4All - Open Sourced PS4 RTE Tool

Today I would like to both announce and release the first public open sourced RTE Tool for the PlayStation 4.

The goal of this project is to both expand the current current selection of public RTE tools available to public, but also provide a singular place to house them all so that users do not need to download multiple applications to modify their system.

  • Cleaned GUI
  • Added the option to poke custom offsets and attach to any game (Other)
Source Code:

Please note that this application is a WiP and that it will constantly be changing as more people contribute to it and more offsets are found.
:arrow: Update: From IM x MoDzz, to quote: Here you go Red all dumped and coded by me personally, I haven't tested the button monitoring so may not work but the other stuff dose work.
G_Client = 0x01F0BF80, //Client 0
G_ClientPlayerState = 0x3A00, //Distance between Next Client
XAxis = 0x1E,
YAxis = 0x26,
ZAxis = 0x22,
Camo = 0x2ED,
PrimaryWeapon = 0x2EC,
PrimaryWeaponAmmo = 0x41C,
PrimaryWeaponAmmo2 = 0x450,
ButtonMonitoring = 0x32A4,
Redboxes = 0x10,
mFlag = 0x3618,
GamertagIngame = 0x339C,
PrimaryClipAmmo = 0x4D4;

public static int G_Client(int ClientID)
return (Addresses.Ghosts.G_Client + (ClientID * Addresses.Ghosts.G_ClientPlayerState));

public static void mFlag(int ClientID, string mFlagValue)
int intValue = G_Client(ClientID) + Addresses.Ghosts.mFlag;
string ConversionValue = intValue.ToString("X");
PS4.writeMemory("0x0" + ConversionValue, mFlagValue); //Have to do a conversion due the way the ps4me dll is coded. As mFlag is normally a int value to set it.
The code above is how to use G_Client and how to call a mod for any client.
mFlag(16, "2"); //This would set client 16 in noclip mode you can copy and paste the method of mFlag to do it for other mods :p
If you don't want to use G_Client to set the mods then just add the offset from the mod you would like, to the G_Client Address. Example XAxis would be (0x01F0BF9E) for client 0. To do client 2 just add 0x3A00 and that will allow you to set to clients 2 XAxis.

All I ask is credit for these Address/Offsets and Method for doing all client mods :D

Here is a mini preview of these mods in use.

PS4All v1.1 Open-Source PlayStation 4 (PS4) RTE Tool Updates.jpg



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It looks like a Spanish version is also in the works eh?

Rough translation: Missing bit to finish the tool of COD GHOST 1.20 for PS4, how many RT's to download it?