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Proceeding the pOOBs4 9.00 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit, PS4PiZero / PS4RaspberryPi Project, pOOBs4 Buildroot PS4 9.00 Exploit Web Server / USB Emulation and PS5 Server Pico Project for Raspberry Pi Pico W comes PS4JBEmu which is a PS4 Jailbreak Local Host and USB Emulator for clean Raspberry Pi OS. :geek:

Download: PS4JbEmu-2GB.7z (430 MB) / GIT

Here's more details from the PS4JbEmu

Local PS4 Jailbreak Host with USB emulation

This project is aimed at setting up a local web host, with USB emulation, on select Raspberry Pi boards that can be used to exploit and jailbreak PS4 consoles running firmware version 9.00. Raspberry Pi Zero W / Pi Zero 2 W / Pi4 B are eligible boards as they support a USB on-the-go (OTG) gadget mode and eliminate the need to manually insert and remove the USB stick required in the exploit process.

This project is implemented on a clean Raspberry Pi OS (Debian) install which makes it easier to repurpose the Pi to run additional applications and services on it.

Developed and Tested on Raspberry Pi 4 B but should work on Pi Zero W / Pi Zero 2 W / Pi4 B

  • Clean Raspberry Pi OS install - easy to setup the Pi for other purposes as you desire
  • Easily update exploit, GoldHen and payload files from the web interface
  • One device for local web server and USB emulation
  • One USB cable is sufficient to power the Pi and emulate USB
  • You can leave the Pi permanently connected to the PS4. No need not to remove and plug in a USB stick to run exploit
Setup - Easy Method
  1. Write the image provided in the releases to an SD card (using program like Pi Imager or Rufus)
  2. Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi
  3. For Pi Zero W & Pi Zero 2W, connect the USB marked Pi USB port to PS4. Be sure to use a cable that supports data transfer:

    PS4JBEmu PS4 Jailbreak Local Host & USB Emulator for Raspberry Pi.png

  4. For Pi4 B, connect a USB C cable from Pi to PS4
  5. Power up the PS4. This should also boot up your Pi
  6. Use raspi-config to expand the filesystem to the capacity of your SD card
  7. On the PS4 go to Browser and visit http://ip.address.of.your.pi
  8. Click on the GoldHen button for the version you want to exploit with
    a. A popup will be thrown saying USB emulation started and wait for ps4 pop up:

    PS4JBEmu PS4 Jailbreak Local Host & USB Emulator for Raspberry Pi 2.png

    b. Once the USB message disappears, Click ok
    c. Gold Hen will load automatically
  9. If you need SSH access, username is pi and password is ps4jb
Setup - Advanced Method
  1. Install a clean Raspberry Pi OS image to an SD card (Developed and tested on Debian Bullseye)
  2. Enable USB Gadget Mode on the Pi
    a. Add dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=peripheral to the [all] section inside /boot/config.txt
  3. Install and setup lighttpd and PHP
  4. Configure /var/www/html/ps4 as the document root directory for the exploit app
  5. Clone or download the source code from this repo
    a. Copy all files to /var/www/html/ps4
    b. For /var/www/html/ps4 and all it's contents make www-data:www-data the owner and change permissions to 755
  6. Set sudo /sbin/modprobe -r g_mass_storage to run at every boot via crontab or /etc/rc.local
  7. Allow the webserver user to run some commands as root without password
    a. Add www-data ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/modprobe, /sbin/reboot, /sbin/shutdown to your sudoers file using visudo
Note: Update Host button on the web app will not work to update the host files unless you modify it or comply with the directory structure it's referencing.

  1. Sleirsgoevy – Webkit, Offline Activator
  2. Chendochap – KeExploit
  3. Karo Sharifi – Offline Exploit Web Host
  4. PaulJenkin – Inspiration for USB Emulation


It's just an alternative way to run the exploit. It removes the need to plug and unplug USB sticks.

There currently is no way - and there may never be a way - to go online with a jailbroken PS4. If there is it won't be released anytime soon.
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