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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter sonik       Start date Oct 26, 2018 at 9:38 PM       136      
Following the PS4 Remote Package Installer and RPI_GUI release I've made a GUI for Windows. It's portable and only needs the .Net Framework (4.5.2) followed by PS4RPI_02.rar, PS4RPI_03.rar, updates, PS4RPI_04.rar and more revisions below.

For the http server it uses miniweb.exe. It's included in the download. Please try it.

Download link: PS4RPIGUI: PS4 Remote Package Installer GUI (Latest Version) / ps4rpi_01.rar (319.6 KB) / ps4rpi_01.rar (Mirror) / PS4RPI_02.rar (224.2 KB) / PS4RPI_02.rar (Mirror) / PS4RPI_03.rar (273.2 KB) / ps4rpi_03.rar (Mirror) / serve-win.rar (7.2 MB) / serve-win.rar (Mirror) / (8.1 MB - Windows 32-bit Compiled) / (Mirror) / PS4RPI_04.rar (274 KB) / / GIT

I will add more features later and also implement some error catching.

PS4 Remote Package Installer Tutorial (5.05 Jailbreak)
PS4RPI PS4 Remote Package Installer GUI by Sonik.png



That's strange. I tested it yesterday copying from one pc to another over a gigabit network. The transfer was at full gigabit speed.

Anyway I will delete the other version that needs the framework installed since the new one works without it. It's stand alone.


@sonik Is there any chance you can port this to Mac etc.. Or convert this app into a java app? That way it can run on any OS.

I have some suggestions for labeling of the app:
  • Length should be label as "Size".
  • File probably better to be label as "Name"
Also can you allow sorting by filename or size or a third column (date added) by clicking on the those labels?


to add one more suggestion is add an icon for the PS4RPI.exe so it is easier to identify in explorer and look nicer in the taskbar or start menu if we pin it etc..